Push-Up Groups

Personal Empowerment Opportunities
For BRA Members by BRA Members

Push-Up Groups are personal empowerment opportunities facilitated by fellow BRA Members. They’re a popular Perk of Membership because you’re a multi-faceted human being and your business is just one aspect of your life. We’ve had groups about parenting, building wealth, personal fitness, public speaking, mindset, and more. (Interested in starting your own group? Tell me more HERE!)

Witches of BRA

This online community of BRA Members is led by Joy Guide June and celebrates the alchemy between magic and business. **broomsticks not required** Our mission is to empower entrepreneurial witches, lightworkers, shamans, starseeds, astrologers, psychics, healers, and the like, as they courageously blaze a trail to the New Earth.

NEW! Sisterhood of the Traveling Bras

Experienced travel experts Sandy Correa and Ana M. Gaona of Two Peacocks Travel share their insights into the essential aspects of international travel preparation, practical tips and must-have essentials for crafting a packing list, valuable advice on navigating cultural nuances, personal anecdotes and recommendations, and much more. Get inspired for your next adventure!

Self-Care Sisters

Join Stacey Beaman, Co-Founder of PlyoJam Dance Fitness and creator of the Boost Your Wellness program, for a monthly meeting that will focus on your health and wellness habits plus ways to ensure your physical body is receiving the attention it needs and deserves. Let’s amp up our self-care together!

The Wealthy Women

This online community recognizes the wealth we possess and honors the wealth we want to cultivate. Featuring many financially fierce BRA Member guest speakers you don’t want to miss. Currently seeking a new Group Leader!

Our mission is to support every woman on her journey to creating the freedom and abundance she desires in a way that is equal parts ease and elegance. #NoHustleRequired

“I’m Speaking”

This monthly Zoom call led by business coach, speaker, and media expert Kylie Hodges will not only help you make progress toward honing your message and the strategy to get out there, but it will also provide the community, support, and confidence you need to shake off the inner critic and make big moves on a regular basis. Let’s get you booked, baby!

Mind Your Business

Liz Svatek, Founder of Warrior Women Inc, a six figure personal growth business, and Founder of the Warrior Women Mastermind, will be leading monthly sessions that focus on stopping the Mindfuckery around money, making offers, using your voice and showing up in your fullest expression. Learn how to embody the success you deserve and get off the hamster wheel of pressure and overwhelm.

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