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THEPRBAR inc. is an online coaching platform, resource hub, and PR agency (THEPRBAR Agency) built to help motivated entrepreneurs and companies expand their impact, visibility, and revenue through relationship-driven marketing and PR.


Pitchin' and Sippin' with Lexie Smith

From behind-the-scenes interviews with the media to honest conversations with other PR pros, to a look at inspiring brands and entrepreneurs that are rocking the world of PR, the Pitchin’ and Sippin’ Podcast talks tips, while taking sips, and openly discussing what makes those in the world of PR and Journalism tick.


"I just wrapped up a coaching engagement with Lexie, and need to tell the world how amazing she is. I know unequivocally that I and my business are stronger because of her wisdom, patience, compassion, and knowledge, and because of the resources shared through THEPRBAR inc. If you are looking for a thoughtful coach who shares, teaches, affirms, makes you uncomfortable in all the good ways, and holds you accountable as you grow your business, services, and public image, you can’t afford NOT to reach out to her. Do it now!! Thank you, Lex, for being in my corner and believing in me and my mission!! I know this investment was worth every penny and will pay huge dividends!!!" MARISSA | FOUNDER + CEO | RELOVEUTION "Lexie Smith is extremely knowledgeable and her program is chocked full of valuable takeaways. (She could be charging way more for this…it’s a steal!) You will look at PR from a completely new perspective and will feel like an absolute pro after going through this program. Whether you intend to do your own PR or hire someone to do it for you, this program is a must. You’ll learn what it takes to have an effective PR strategy and about all of the components that position you and your brand to get (and keep) the spotlight. Even if you plan to hire someone, you’ll learn what you’re looking for in hiring them, as well as be able to keep tabs on how they’re fulfilling their role. But Lexie dives even deeper than just PR. She uses her experience and wealth of knowledge to have you examine what’s working (or not) within your business from the ground up (with her own PR spin, of course) and challenges you AND collaborates with you to use all of your resources to improve your position. On top of all this, Lexie is one of the friendliest, most supportive, and most approachable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s constantly looking for ways to adapt her program and the way she works with you to best suit your needs and to see if there are any additional ways she can support you through your PR journey. And it doesn’t end there. She’s built a member portal so that you can take everything you learned with you (because there’s A LOT she’ll teach you!) and she has a Slack channel for current students and alum to chat and collaborate, all of which gives you the opportunity to continue your education and deepen your understanding of the information and tools she’s provided. In case it’s unclear, I HIGHLY recommend taking Lexie’s course. I don’t see how you can afford NOT to." TEAM BRA NETWORK | BRA – BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP ALLIANCE "Working with Lexie and THEPRBAR has been a game changer!!! She is so encouraging and supportive while also challenging me to meet my goals and holding me accountable. She continues to help me every step of the way, keeps me aligned with my goals, and I am so amazed at the progress I’ve made and the ways I’ve grown in our time working together. Continuing to work with her was the best business investment I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish with this amazing person in my corner supporting me along the way. When you find someone you love working with and they align with your values. Go for it! I promise you won’t regret it!!" TIFFANY | CO-FOUNDER & CEO | TWINNING PROS AGENCY: “It’s very VERY rare I write reviews or testimonials. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Lexie for 5 years. She is one of the most honest and dedicated professionals I have ever met. I say this first because it is something you do NOT find often. Let me back that up with her work quality and desire to “Win” is second-to-none and her role has been key in more than tripling our company’s valuation. In my 20-year career, I have never met a better self-starter and person that is absolutely dedicated to her craft and YOUR results!” Skyler Ditchfield, Co-Founder & CEO, GeoLinks "“THEPRBAR Agency is an incredible thought-partner, coach, and collaborator who creates impact from day one. THEPRBAR was instrumental in securing our first nationwide coverage – multiple times! Our team wholeheartedly recommends Lexie and THEPRBAR to take your business to the next level.” Kayla Glanville, CEO & Travel Tech Startup


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