“Women-owned businesses now represent 36% of all businesses” - Forbes Magazine, 2015
“Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.” - INC. Magazine 2015

Carrie Murray - founder of Business Relationship Alliance in Los Angeles California

Hey Lady,

As women we possess a unique power: We’re the primary decision-makers when it comes to our households and families. We control where the money goes, whose hands it will end up in, and how it will be invested later. So why is that the majority of us are doing the shopping, but less than half of us are actually running businesses?

I started Business Relationship Alliance in 2015 to bring women business owners together. With a background in social work (working with victims of domestic violence), and a 14-year career in education, I’ve seen how important it is to empower women, for us to support each other, and conversely, what can happen when we don’t.

Before leaving education to start BRA, I was the principal and founding teacher of a charter school whose educational theme was entrepreneurship. I loved every second of it. I knew I wanted to continue working with entrepreneurs and supporting new businesses in my next venture. BRA was born when two of my passions came together in a major “a-ha!” moment: My love and experience with entrepreneurship, and my mission to empower women.

I had always found myself surrounded by incredibly smart and talented women, many who owned their own businesses. I realized that they all had a lot to offer each other if only they could meet. One night I invited a few of them out to dinner. Just as I had hoped, they connected, found ways to support each other, and boost their businesses. What began as a one-time dinner party of six guests ultimately turned into a website, seasonal meetings, and now an ever-growing directory of the most uplifting, amazing women.

 I’m great at bringing people together, another business owner might not know where or how to meet like-minded women. So why not throw a dinner party and come together rather than trying to tough it out alone? I’ve always had one clear goal for BRA: To empower women. We’re a group of women that are ready, set, and go when it comes to supporting each other. We’re a resource to anyone looking to hire a professional in a certain field. And we have the best member dinner parties!

The number of women-owned businesses has gone up to 36% as of 2015, according to Forbes Magazine. Wouldn't it behoove us to empower, promote, and challenge women everywhere to change the economic system by supporting each other’s success? I do. Come join a group of women who agree.


Carrie Murray, Fabulous Founder