Self-Care Sisters

Push-Up Group led by BRA Member Stacey Beaman of PlyoJam

Self-care sisters push-up group led by Stacey Beaman


As entrepreneurs, we often live a life that can result in the neglect of our health and wellness. But you, sister, deserve to be prosperous in ALL ways…financially, spiritually, physically, and, yes, HEALTHY. Carve out some time from your busy day to focus on your health and wellness habits and give your physical body the attention it needs and deserves. 

This group includes a movement session, sharing, education and more. We use a holistic approach to health and wellness so that you are not building your business on an empty or depleted tank. Let’s amp up our self-care together! 

2024 Meetings

Monday, April 1st
10 - 11 AM (PDT)
Topic: Spring Self-Care Assessment

Our first session of 2024 will include 15 minutes of simple movement with stretching and toning, so please bring hand weights or wine bottles. Then we will perform a Spring Self-Care Assessment and create a personalized Self-Care Plan for April. Join us to approach Q2 with a Peaceful Mind, Body and Soul…

More meeting dates to be announced soon!

NOTE: Push-Up Group meetings are included as part of BRA Membership; just login and register for freeNon-Members can now buy a ticket to attend a meeting. 

Group Guidelines

  • This is an inclusive space that welcomes all perspectives, experience levels, and all women with open arms. 
  • Any and all questions are welcome; Please be respectful of one another.
  • Anything shared in our group stays within our group unless you have express permission to share.
  • While sharing your own experiences is encouraged, please refrain from giving advice unless someone asks for it.
  • This is not a place to sell your services unless you are explicitly asked to.

About Stacey Beaman

Stacey Beaman is the Co-Founder and COO for PlyoJam and creator of the Boost Your Wellness program. Her mission is to make fitness fun and accessible, and to help people — primarily women — feel fierce AF no matter their size.

As a size 16 fitness instructor, personal coach, and motivational speaker, Stacey has heard plenty of negative comments. Like many women, she’s fought stigmas and prejudice on a daily basis in both the fitness industry AND in the corporate world.

Yet she’s also heard from hundreds of women how encouraging it is for them to see a body type in a fitness class they can relate to; plus a confident and sassy personality to go with it that’s ready to slay.

Stacey has come to realize it is the non-cookie cutter leaders who inspire others to be brave. 

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