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PlyoJam is an innovative new workout dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life. It combines a true cardio dance format with a carefully choreographed plyometrics infusion to create the ideal body shape you’re after while having a great time.


"It can feel like a chore to get motivated to get up and go work out, especially after a long day at work, but I actively look forward to PlyoJam. PlyoJam, (cardio dance with a plyometrics punch), has become an integral way I take care of myself physically, but also a weekly spirit boost. I stay active in a variety of ways, and PlyoJam is not only by far the best workout I do (it uses all your muscles and in ways that other workouts cannot offer), it's ridiculously fun, from the pop music to the high-energy instructors. It's also accessible to people without a dance background, such as myself, and a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for people of all ages/genders/fitness levels (you can always use the modifications until you can build up to the high-intensity jumping moves)." -Robin "Best workout EVER!!!!! I really don't like to workout. A friend of mine told me about this class and it was amazing. It's soooo much fun. You sweat from head to toe. I love Stacey and the music is the best. You can modify if you need too. It's for all ages!! Try it out. You will love it!!! I promise!!! If she taught this class everyday I would go!!!" -Paulette "Rare are the dance or exercise classes that offer something for everyone, no matter your fitness level. PlyoJam totally delivers on this front. Not only do you get a great work-out, but the good vibes are contagious. You dance, you sweat and you smile -- and you can feel the endorphins coursing through your body for hours afterward. Stacey is a fantastic instructor. She is very present and always supportive. She makes everyone feel included and gives advice on how to maximize your work-out. Her music is of-the-moment and her routines are a blast. She motivates and inspires everyone in the studio. Did I mention the smiling part?" -Elaine "Plyojam with Stacey is AMAZING. It's addictive and fun and leaves u with a smile on your face and in your heart. Come try it once and I swear you will be wishing all cardio and exercising could be this fun. Thank you Stacey for making my saturday mornings (and soon to be Tuesday nights!) something I crave and look forward to. It's changed my life. :-)" -Deanne


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