SpeakHer's Blueprint:
Speaker Training Group

Push-Up Group led by BRA Member Toni Purry of Shaping Narrative

Speaker Blueprint push-up group led by Toni Purry


You’re in the right place! In this group you will learn:

  • How to craft speaking topics for your signature talk.
  • How to become your own hype person by building your confidence and getting out of your comfort zone.
  • How to develop your leadership skills and position yourself in front of your business.
  • Strategies to step on a stage in front of the right audience.

2024 Meetings

Thursday, April 25th
from 12 - 1 PM (PST)

More meeting dates to be announced soon!

NOTE: Push-Up Group meetings are included as part of BRA Membership; just login and register for freeNon-Members can now buy a ticket to attend a meeting. 

Group Guidelines

  • This is an inclusive space that welcomes all perspectives, experience levels, and all women with open arms. 
  • This is a safe space and any and all questions are welcome.
  • Anything shared in our group stays within our group unless you have express permission to share.
  • While sharing your own experiences is encouraged, please refrain from giving advice unless someone asks for it.
  • This is not a place to sell your services unless you are explicitly asked to.

About Toni Purry

Toni Purry is an award-winning public relations veteran. With over two decades of experience and ten years at the helm of a luxury travel and lifestyle PR agency, Toni’s work has earned more than 50 industry awards. 

In her role as a corporate media trainer, speaker coach, author, and facilitator, Toni equips leaders with the tools to build speaker platforms, craft signature talks, and land on TEDx stages. 

After building a reputation for garnering high-level exposure and developing brand confidence, she is proud to have created a tool that assists individuals in creating similar enthusiasm and confidence; but, on a very personal level.

“The opportunity to equip and empower women to confidently step into the spotlight of their success as influential thought leaders and industry experts is, by far, the most rewarding work I have done over my entire career.”

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