The Traveling Bras: International Education Group

Push-Up Group led by BRA Members Sandy Correa and Ana M. Gaona of Two Peacocks Travel

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bras push-up group led by Sandy Correa & Ana M. Gaona


This purpose of this group is to educate and empower hesitant women to explore the world while having fun! Get the inside scoop on a variety of exotic destinations plus international travel advice and tips. We’ll also share information about our upcoming guided trips to Cuba, Peru, Dubai, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, July 25th
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PDT)

Topic: Solo Travel and Personal Growth

• Gaining confidence through solo travel

• Staying safe as a solo traveller

 Embracing solitude and self-relfection

• Stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing independence

• Creating lifelong memories and personal growth through solo adventures 

NOTE: Push-Up Group meetings are included as part of BRA Membership; just login and register for freeNon-Members can now buy a ticket to attend a meeting. 

Group Guidelines

  • This is an inclusive space that welcomes all perspectives, experience levels, and all women with open arms. You must be a BRA Member to join.
  • This is a safe space and we honor both the challenges we encounter during our travels as well as the memories.
  • This is a space to be fully honest without fear of judgement and as such, anything shared in our group stays within our group unless you have express permission to share.
  • While sharing your own experiences is encouraged, please refrain from giving advice unless someone asks for it.
  • This is not a place to sell your services unless you are explicitly asked to.

About Two Peacocks Travel

Sandy and Ana, two passionate globetrotters, have embarked on a transformative journey by co-founding Two Peacocks Travel. Beyond creating remarkable travel experiences, their purpose is to empower hesitant women to explore the world. With a blend of empathy and expertise, they meticulously curate trips, easing the planning process. 

The duo’s empowering touch lies in their occasional companionship, joining groups to instill confidence. “Two Peacocks Travel” symbolizes not just adventure, but a movement inspiring women to break barriers. Through support, guidance, and shared experiences, Sandy and Ana kindle the flames of wanderlust, making the world accessible and inviting for all.

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