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Founded by Sandy Correa and Ana M. Gaona, Two Peacocks Travel is a travel and events company that curates unique travel experiences for women. It’s time to step out of your busy life and take time for yourself by way of global travel. We take the hassle out of planning, so you just show up and enjoy the experience of a luxury and transformational journey abroad.


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Join us every week for the Two Peacocks Travel videocast, where we'll be sharing our latest travel ideas, insider tips, and thrilling adventures. Tune in to embark on a journey of exploration with us!


I had the most amazing trip to Italy. Two Peacocks Travel exceeded all my expectations. Everything I wanted to see on my dream trip was included. Sandy and Ana took the time to listen to what I wanted to do and see. They made it tailored for me. All details were included like tickets to museums, ferries, tours, and train tickets, etc. You name it, they made it happen. My days were planned in a way that gave me the time to enjoy each location/excursion. Like I told my husband, I woke up with a smile each day while on this trip. Belissimo! I can't wait for another trip with Two Peacocks Travel.” ​JC, La Mirada, CA 15 years later, I returned. Cuba is still beautiful and stuck in time. New memories were made with family and friends. I cant find the words to describe this trip. Just beauty, gratitude and compassion. Thanks to the ladies at @two_peacocks_travel for setting up this tour! Hit them up for all your travel needs." MR, San Francisco, CA "The 6-week trip package to Europe this summer, with 2 countries, 5 cities, 4 apartments, plane, train and bus rides, was a dream come true. I was delighted that every aspect of the trip had been planned down to the wire. The best part of the trip is that we got to travel with the organizers and enjoy all the friends and family abroad. There is a difference between a tourist and a traveler. You become a traveler with Two Peacocks Travel. I am looking forward to the next trip and the one after that. Thank you for the memories. " ​KC, Los Angeles, CA

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