All Carrie Wants for Her Birthday…

Question, dear reader: do you believe the chicken or the egg came first?

Stay with me for a second… In entrepreneurship do you feel the sale comes before the product?

Do you sell the thing before you make the thing?

When you’re knee-deep in developing new offers, products, courses, and services and going blind looking at your screen for hours, how do you know your audience of potential clients even wants it?

Well, you gotta do one pretty mandatory thing…. research. And right now that’s what I need your help with — your opinion, your feedback, and your insight.

I’m in the business of building a community of like-minded women and a Membership platform I am constantly tweaking, reconfiguring, and looking ahead towards what’s next, how BRA Network can be of value to its Members, and how we can offer what is missing from the landscape — all while keeping one eye on what other people offer in a similar vein.

In my first year of BRA we had a total of six events in one year. SIX. And Women on the Rise was a pipe dream.

Now we have over six events a month and, if I include Member events, we have close to 12!

Looking ahead, I’m hoping to expand the BRA community to include ALL women; entrepreneurs, CEOS, small business owners, witches, moms, students, politicians, performers, retirees, survivalists, hobbyists, brokers, librarians, artists, et al!

With that goal in mind, February is my birth month and the best gift I could hope for is your opinion so I can gain some clarity as I move forward with this expansion!

Please do me a favor. Wait until you have 5 minutes to spare, grab some tea or wine, then share your thoughts on your experience being a current Member, former Member, or Member-curious of the BRA community. I appreciate you!

Welcome to BRA - Business
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