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Hello! I'm June and Joy Guide, Speaker, and Podcast Host. I attract heart-centered leaders on a mission to make the world a more joyful place. I've been called a catalyst for expansion, and nicknamed "The Key" because I help people unlock their magical gifts and help them boldly step into the future of their dreams. My passion is to infuse joy back into these leaders' hearts so they have the energy, strength, and power to fulfill their soul's calling. Special skills: conversational therapy, craniosacral unwinding, visualization meditation, sound healing, & inner child play.


How to Find Joy

This podcast is all about how to start finding joy through this messy thing called life. Follow your host, June Suepunpuck, on her curious adventure to answer the question: "how to find joy?" during our most challenging human experiences. As a Joy Guide, June has spent years helping lost and unhappy people go from living uninspired lives to finding a more joy-filled life, and this podcast is a resource to share what she's learned along the way. You can expect beginner-friendly tips from June, as well as, practical advice from her guests, who are experts in their field or have firsthand experience on major life lessons. If you’re ready to get honest about what’s holding you back from true happiness, you want to learn how to empower yourself through tough times, and of course, you want to find out how to bring more joy into your life... then have a listen!


"""If you're feeling a call to work with June I highly recommend listening to that call.   June has been essential in helping me create freedom within myself and feel free to be who I am- unburdened by the traumas that I have carried throughout my life.  She has a very intuitive approach and it's actually amazing what comes through her because her intuition has always been so spot on.  There were times when she helped me heal wounds that were hidden and I didn't even know were there.  June has a gentle, warm, loving presence that allows you to feel safe to go to the places that feel scary.  And she does it in a way that I've never seen any other practitioner able to do so easily, and honestly, pretty quickly.   In just two sessions with her (The Release & The Rebalance) I was able to release trauma I had been carrying since childhood.  Now, I feel more myself than I've ever felt... and to me that is priceless."" — Angie I. / Life Coach ""June is the key to other realms.  She has helped me unlock my DNA and remember who I am. I always gain more clarity about myself and my mission through every conversation with her.  Her nurturing presence and natural curiosity, has allowed me the freedom to express things that I normally wouldn't feel comfortable saying or exploring.  I usually suffer from anxiety and fear throughout my awakenings, but June always brings me home to my joy and heart.  June's energy is contagious."" — Erin E. / Modern Cosmic ""From the moment I met June, I felt her unique nature, joyful being, and sensed she had the ability to bring forth truths that are key to my spiritual journey.  Through our time together, I was able to further expand my healing and transformation by unearthing hidden aspects of my child self, father figure trauma, as well as connecting me with my own intuitive guide! For years, I had yearned to meet my guide and all the methods I explored were fruitless. Thanks to June I was able to achieve this, and it has been amazing. She brings a whole new level of spiritual healing I've never experienced before.  Thank you, June, for your beautiful soul, love, and joy.” — Juli P. / Healer"


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