Andrea Quinn Coaching
Los Angeles, CA
BRA Member Since 2022


“I empower people through being the ‘best mirror holder in town’. Once you really see yourself, you can accomplish anything!“


“If you want to play it safe and not leave your comfort zone, don't go to Andrea. If you want to change your life, she's your gal. Andrea's perspective is priceless and her tools are invaluable.” - Rene A. “The greatest gift in life - for yourself and for the world at large - is to become the person you dreamed of being when you were a child. Andrea has given me this gift.” - Katharine M. “The first time I exhaled in her room my life was different. I am enjoying success my way.” - Grace W. “In a matter of two years Andrea Quinn guided me from struggling artist, without a clear vocation or direction into success beyond anything I could imagine. I found my true calling, signed with the biggest agency in the country and sat in a theater watching a film I had made. It was nothing short of a miracle. Andrea is truly gifted. She never stops exceeding expectations.” - Rita M., Writer/Director/Creative


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