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INVITE CATHERINE TO SPEAK: WHETHER IT'S AT YOUR NEXT EVENT, AN IN-PERSON CORPORATE FUNCTION, AN ONLINE SEMINAR, OR A LARGE GATHERING. CAT WILL LEAVE YOU INSPIRED TO MOVE MOUNTAINS AND AFFECT CHANGE IN WAYS THAT YOU NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. CAT IS AVAILABLE FOR KEYNOTE SPEAKING, WORKSHOPS, RETREATS, CONFERENCES, PANELS OR TV/RADIO/PODCAST INTERVIEWS Cat Curry-Williams 818-.522-7721 SPEAKING TOPICS: THE IMPACT OF COLLECTIVE GIVING UNLOCKING THE POWER OF PHILANTHROPY YOUR LEGACY IS MORE THAN WHAT YOU ACCUMULATE, IT'S ABOUT THE MARK YOU LEAVE ON THE WORLD. CAT WILL GUIDE YOU IN REFLECTING UPON WHAT YOU TRULY WANT TO DO AND SAY IN THE WORLD, HELPING YOU DEVELOP A VISION FOR YOUR PHILANTHROPIC ENDEAVORS. Discover the transformative power of philanthropy and unlock your potential for positive change, whether you're an individual, part of a corporation, or a community organization. Cat’s captivating presentation will inspire and empower you to make a lasting impact on the world. Cat Curry-Williams, speaker, author and expert on philanthropy, will take you on her personal journey, one that challenges preconceptions about giving and motivates you to take meaningful action. Her expertise will shed light on common myths, explore the strength of collective giving, and guide you in finding your own unique way of giving back.


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