Why Your Social Media Business Accounts Aren’t Growing

Utilizing social media as a business is essential for a strong marketing strategy. If you’re ready to take your accounts to the next level, we’re here to help!

Here are 6 reasons why your social media account growth may have stagnated plus some ways to fix it.

1. You are not consistent

This is a major factor in your social media growth as a business profile. You need to post and be present on the platforms consistently. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you will need to spend hours per day on social media. You can schedule your posts out. We love using Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram.

Consistency on social media also means engaging with your audience. Reply to those comments and DMs! Ask your followers questions. This is not something you can always schedule in advance but it is well worth it. Designate this task to a team member to make sure you never miss the opportunity to interact on any platform. 

2. The platforms have changed

You might be thinking, “I am posting consistently, so why aren’t my social media business profiles growing?” Social media changes quite often as a whole. So, do your research! Certain platforms might be promoting more video content than regular photos for example. Or, maybe hosting live videos is the way to go for other platforms. 

Be open to change and take the time to utilize the new features on your social media accounts. Most likely when you see a new tool, the platform wants you to use it (and you will be rewarded). Try this tip out and watch your audience grow!

3. Your profile is not optimized

Are all of your social media profiles optimized? This means your account is easy to find and search for, even without directly typing in your business name. It will also appear professional and reliable. Here are a few ways to optimize your social media business accounts:

  • Include the most searched keywords related to your business. Take a look at your website’s analytics and add some of those phrases to your profile.
  • Fill in as much information as possible: your profile name, description, contact information, location, and more. 
  • Set a strong profile image and background if applicable. For the profile image, make sure it is a photo of you or your team! Viewers want to see the faces of your business. 
  • Make sure your social media accounts are set as a business profile and are public.

4. You are not using high-quality content

High-quality content is non-negotiable. Make sure the images, graphics, and videos you are sharing are easy to see and are professional. Take a few more minutes to proofread and look through your content to make sure everything is ready to share. Sometimes, photos and videos can format differently once added to a platform so you will need to double-check every post. Make your business profile stand out in such competitive environments.

5. You need to post at a different time

Your business social media accounts might not be growing simply due to timing. Look at the audience insights for each account and pay attention to the times your audience is most active online. Try switching up your posting schedule to best fit these times. If you use a scheduler, it will most likely choose the best times to post for you. How easy!

6. You are not speaking to your ideal client 

Have you created a thoughtful strategy for your social media? Think about your goals and what your ideal client will be searching for or find helpful. Start writing longer captions and create content that makes possible clients want to engage with you on social media! Once they are familiar with you on these platforms, they might be ready to learn more about your business on your website or blog. post-heading

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