Why Women Don’t Talk About Money (And an Opportunity to Do So!)

Can I be honest with you?

I’ve noticed that whether it’s:

  • because of generational trauma surrounding money and wealth
  • because I’m a business owner and talking about finances isn’t “appropriate” or “prudent”
  • because banks wouldn’t issue women credit cards or allow us to open checking accounts without a husband’s permission until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was passed in 1974 ????
  • because talking about money is considered by some to be rude, TMI, immodest, boastful, unwise, or embarrassing
  • because talking about it makes you vulnerable and opens you up to being judged as a failure

…women don’t talk about money.

And that’s gotta stop.

How will we ever learn what we don’t yet know to get where we wanna be if we can’t speak about it openly and honestly without fear of judgment or stigma?

I’m done hiding.

I’m ready to take this step for me.

I’m ready to live the life I’ve imagined.

I’m ready to embrace a wealthy life.

And I’m so excited.

Our long-awaited Wealthy Women Summit is kicking off next week on Thursday, August 25th! ???? (Learn what you can expect from #WeWo2022 in this great video created by SheTV Media.)

I’ve started to get some clarity on what I want to get out of the Summit, personally.

I’ve selected the sessions I’ll be at.

I’m settling into a healthier, wealthier mindset surrounding money.

Soon I’ll be making the drive down to Long Beach Harbor and the Sir Winston Yacht where the Summit will be held; I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to sleep for the next several days!

This event has been a loonngggg time in the making (since before COVID) and I’m beyond thrilled we’re finally doing it. And I want YOU there.

And you’re in luck. As of right now, we still have room FOR YOU.

There’s just enough time to prep your notebook, review the available speakers, and plan your session schedule! (If you’re not in the right headspace, we’ll be working on that there, too.)

Invest in yourself!

Join us on the yacht and let’s talk about money, wealth, finances, AND how you can get to where you want to be! You were made for more…

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