6 Ways to Invest in Yourself as a Business Owner

Honestly, there are many things to learn as a business owner that you may not have learned in school or via first-hand experience! Here are six ways to invest in yourself as a female entrepreneur…

1. Enroll in a Course

There are many ways to increase your education even after earning a college degree or working in a specific field for a long time. Make sure to research the courses you’re interested in taking before investing, though. If you are able, try chatting with others who have completed the courses for real-life reviews. 

Enrolling in a course for the latest topic or skill you’re interested in will allow you to learn something new with professional guidance. Make it a goal to take 1-2 new courses a year to strengthen your business acumen.

Continually investing in your education will make you a great business leader!

2. Listen to a Podcast and Read Books

Maybe you aren’t ready to invest in courses quite yet. You can still learn something new with podcasts and books! Many podcasts are free and books are often lower in cost than courses.

Try to find a podcast related to your niche or your interests as a business owner. The same approach applies to books. Even if you’re taking courses, don’t skip these items. Choose one, or better yet, both!

We’re currently reading We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power by Rachel Rodgers, It’s About Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated into Your Greatest Advantage by Arlan Hamilton, and The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo by Jennifer Cassetta.

You can easily listen to a podcast while working, making this option effective for those who want to maximize their time. If you are a bookworm, take a look in the non-fiction section for some motivational or educational books. 

Need a podcast recommendation? We’re listening to:

And of course, check out the Get Carried Away Podcast with BRA – Business Relationship Alliance founder, Carrie Murray. This is a wonderful podcast for female entrepreneurs looking for advice, motivation, and laughter!

3. Pay Yourself

Now we’re going to be literal for a moment. You need to monetarily invest yourself as a business owner. Here’s what that means – always pay yourself first. This is something that many new business owners need to hear.

If you’re worried about crunching the numbers in order to make this happen, we understand. Learning about the financial side of your business is tough but it is essential! (After reading this blog, check out financial matters every woman should know so that you can be on your way to feeling confident when it comes to money.)

If your goal is to fully support yourself with your business, why would you ever skip paying yourself? Just like any other job, you deserve to get paid for your hard work. You are worth the investment! 

4. Take a Vacation

How are you prioritizing your well-being while owning a business? Schedule vacations every year for yourself. A vacation can be anything you want it to be. Maybe you need a long weekend at home to relax or you could be ready for a week full of travel. No matter what you prefer, invest in yourself outside of your work. You will be able to avoid burnout so that you can return back to work better than ever. 

5. Attend a Conference

Not all conferences are created equal, yet participating in a high quality convention or seminar can result in invaluable connections, knowledge, and new skills or systems.

For example, Wealthy Women Summit hosted by BRA Network, reverse engineered the “conference experience” with the attendees’ needs in mind first.

The focus was put back on the content, programming, and takeaways in order to create an experience that not only provides value, but also leaves you with real life tools and assets to advance your financial literacy to apply to your business and personal growth.

6. Join a Networking Community

The professional connections you make are incredibly important for your business. These connections are also impactful to your personal growth and education. Yet building the right community, authentically, takes time. That’s why taking the step to invest in joining networking can save you years of networking efforts. These groups often include additional perks to boost your business!

For women business owners, we invite you to learn more about the BRA community here

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At the core, Business Relationship Alliance was founded on the principles that we are stronger as a collective than as individuals. When we come together as a community, standing on the shoulders of previous impactful brave women, collectively we will not only reach the glass ceiling but also break through it.

If you enjoyed learning about all of the ways to invest in yourself, you will love this blog all about the 3 excuses that get in the way of success next.

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