Stress-Relieving Journal Prompts for Female Entrepreneurs

We are sharing 5 stress-relieving journal prompts for female entrepreneurs in this post! Let’s get started. 

1. This week I am proud of…

When you are feeling stressed about your business, you probably aren’t taking time to think about all of the positives. What are you proud of recently? Take a look at your week, even if it has been stressful. Did you book a new client? Maybe you are proud of the way you worked with your team! Are you simply proud of the brand you have built? Use this prompt to allow yourself to feel optimistic about your business. 

2. How am I prioritizing self-care?

If you haven’t taken time for yourself recently, that could be a major contributor to your stress. If you are pouring all of your time and energy into your business, but neglecting yourself, this is a spell for entrepreneur burnout. We love this journal prompt because it serves as a reminder to make self-care a priority. There’s always more room for this! Even if you do take some time for self-care, are there other ways you can incorporate this practice into your routine? Self-care can look like a scheduled vacation or a simple meditation. Even taking the time to clean up your home office can relieve underlying stress. Whatever forms of self-care you choose, make sure to revisit this prompt weekly to keep yourself accountable!

3. My main point of stress right now is…

Is there one main point of stress for you at the moment? Being a female entrepreneur is both rewarding and can be stressful. However, there might be a certain task or dilemma that is  overwhelming you. Write down what this is, what you can do about it, and what you can’t do about it. Seeing this on paper can help you objectively view the stress point. While answering this prompt, you could discover new ways to approach the situation or you could realize it isn’t as negative as you originally thought.

4. Something I need to say no to is…

Choose the tasks you take on wisely as a female entrepreneur. If you are feeling like your plate is too full, there is most likely something you need to say no to. Write down how saying no to this task or commitment would feel and how it would impact your business. Especially for new business owners, it can be tempting to say yes to every opportunity. Think of every “no” as a “yes” to your time, productivity, and peace of mind!

5. My business is great at…

What is your business great at? As an entrepreneur, you have monetized your unique skills and have created a business off of this! Remind yourself what you do and why you are amazing at it. You can also look at other aspects of your business for this prompt. For example, your team might be great at communicating or remaining consistent with your marketing efforts. As we stated earlier in this post, looking at the positives is a great way to stay as stress-free as possible. 

We hope these journal prompts help you manage your stress as a female entrepreneur! However, you are going to need more support as the powerful business owner you are. Come join our network of talented women entrepreneurs for real-life support and professional resources.

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