How to Promote Your Business for Small Business Saturday

Want to make the most of Small Business Saturday on November 26th this year? This special day is a wonderful opportunity to boost your business. In this blog, we are going over exactly how to promote your business on Small Business Saturday. Let’s begin!

Establish Yourself in Your Communities

You need to be involved in your communities before Small Business Saturday. This could be anything from participating as a vendor in your local farmers market to consistently interacting with your online network.

It is imperative to not only establish your small business but establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Get personal! Make sure fellow entrepreneurs and possible customers can put a face to your business. Remaining active within your communities will make Small Business Saturday that much easier for you.

Take the time to interact with customers and viewers. Focus on creating quality items as a business and gather the positive testimonials you receive (find out how to get and give strong testimonials here).

A strong following that like, knows, and trusts your business is ultimately more likely to invest when called to action. When you begin to promote yourself for Small Business Saturday, your efforts will come across as genuine. 

Create a Marketing Plan

Is there a certain product or discount you want to promote this year? Plan on promoting a unique, time-sensitive offer for Small Business Saturday. Create the excitement of Black Friday for your small business. One-day or limited-time deals are difficult to pass up! Then it is time to create your content. Blog, post on social media, and form an email campaign. 

You might work with other small businesses to create a special offer or bundle that combines items from both of your businesses as a special deal to your customers. This is a wonderful way to support #ShopSmall while furthering your marketing reach for the special day. Schedule out items and automate the process for your marketing plan to make sure you don’t miss any opportunity to promote your business! 


Promote Shopping Small

As a small business owner, you should truly believe in shopping other locally owned small businesses and lead by example. Promote the cause before the date is close. Educating potential customers will help them understand just how important Small Business Saturday is to businesses like yours.

Individuals who are not small business owners may not be aware of the day. Start the conversation to get your viewers thinking about how they invest their dollar. Share the behind the scenes of your process as a small business and how customer investment impacts yourself and your team. 

With the advice in this post, you are ready to successfully promote your business for Small Business Saturday on November 26th! But we aren’t going to leave you with questions. Our team at BRA Network is making it easy to learn about this important shopping holiday. Read all about the history of Small Business Saturday next!

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