Thursday, April 11th at 9:00 AM (PDT)

Did you see the documentary film, Show Her The Money?

It featured BRA Member, Diana Greshtchuk, and many others

For those not sure where to start, Diana decided to hold a one-time, no-holds-barred 90-minute Investing 101 session! 

Investing 101 will provide a survey of:

  •  assets
  • how to hold title
  • accredited/qualified investors
  • how to research and choose investments
  • how to make various investments
  • legal documents you may encounter while investing
  • tax planning/documents/consideration
  • how to determine your investing budget
  • how investments generate income

Learn various accounts you can open to begin trading, how to research investments that let you sleep at night and align with your desired mission, purpose, and impact (this includes a discussion on correlation between risk & return, time horizon, and short-term and long-term goals so come prepared with this information for maximum impact).

There will be time for a brief Q&A.

No personal financial advice can or will be given.

Cost: Tickets are $155, but BRA members get a 10% discount! Use code: BRA10INVESTING

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