Tina Flores - DBA Candidate
El Paso, Texas
BRA Member Since 2024


Tina Flores - DBA Candidate





With nearly two decades of expertise in sales, leadership, marketing, and especially talent acquisition, I offer strategic and innovative action plans tailored to suit all businesses. I serve as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of today's market, unlocking untapped potential, and crafting winning strategies for sustainable growth. Together, let's turn challenges into opportunities and propel business towards mutual success.


"Tina possesses a deep and impressive knowledge of the Talent landscape. Her expertise spans across various industries and skill sets, and she has a unique ability to connect with candidates on a level that is both professional and personal. This is a testament to her exceptional communication skills and understanding of what motivates people. One of Tina's most remarkable qualities is her leadership capability. She naturally commands respect without demanding it and leads by example. Tina has successfully built and managed talent acquisition teams, fostering an environment that is high-performing, inclusive, and dynamic. Under her guidance, I've seen her spearhead significant improvements in hiring processes, such as a reduction in time-to-hire, and a marked increase in candidate satisfaction. Tina is also highly adept at leveraging technology to enhance recruiting efforts. her proficiency with recruiting software and her strategic use of recruitment marketing have been instrumental in reaching top-tier talent and filling critical roles efficiently. Moreover, Tina's positive attitude and tireless work ethic have made her a beloved member of any team she is on. She is always willing to share knowledge and go the extra mile to mentor colleagues, leading to many success stories for her and those smart enough to take her advice." — Arisha Jackson

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