The Family Room
Los Angeles, CA
BRA Member Since 2023



“A nurtury for parents and families. A safe haven offering support and therapy for mothers and fathers, couples and co-parents, children and families. The Family Room is a unique psychotherapy practice, focusing on the challenges of parenting, marriage & family life. From fertility, pregnancy and birth loss, postpartum depression/anxiety, to kids and teens, grief and trauma. Twenty five years in the making, founded by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mother, and wife, Veronica (Ronnie) Vehemente and fueled by a history in child development, maternal mental health, and a long standing therapeutic Mommy & Me program at LA's beloved Pump Station, The Family Room is for real people, in real life.”


"When I woke up from my emergency c-section to learn that my daughter wasn't going to live through the end of the day, I knew that the only way I was going to survive this loss was to find help. Ronnie has been a lifeline for my husband and I as we navigate the unimaginable. She has an uncanny ability to sense where we're at on a given day and unlock what it is we need in the moment. Over the past 16 months, she has organically assembled for us a toolbox to not just survive but to live more fully--from very actionable things like how to work through panic attacks and PTSD episodes to more subtle frameworks for processing different aspects of this loss. She manages to balance gently creating a safe space with holding us accountable. I came to therapy hoping to figure out a way to survive, but what Ronnie has unlocked for us individually and together is far more - it's a way for us to live better, more present, fuller lives. As a result, we have become better people, better partners and better parents." ~Colleen “12 years ago, I began working with Ronnie. At the time, struggling with a 20-year eating disorder was the reality I accepted as my life. Ronnie’s guidance transformed me. Showing up, week after week, year after year empowered me to tackle an expansive career, to foster a healthy partnership with my husband, and to expand into motherhood. Being pregnant, giving birth, and entering into new motherhood during the pandemic became overwhelming and I experienced late-onset postpartum depression. Two years after we closed our initial therapist-client relationship, I reached out to Ronnie for support. She met me with deep compassion and incredible intuition regarding how I could support myself and my family. I engage in our work together feeling seen, heard, and valued. Ronnie strengthens my ability to develop agency and to show up for myself, my daughter, my partner, my family, and my community. I am the abundant, confident, healthy, centered, strong, and grateful person I am today because of Ronnie’s guidance. I know she would say, “You did the work!” and that is true, but she guided me to my true North Star." ~Shauna "Ronnie has been instrumental in my personal healing, recovery and growth as a person, mom, wife and professional since we started working together following the traumatic birth of our third son followed by my battled with rectal cancer. She has provided applicable tools through modalities that matter most to me. Work with her has become a basic human need for me to lead a productive and fulfilling life. I only hope others can benefit from her as a thought leader, partner and source of knowledge in the ways she has impacted my life." ~Marisa

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