Molly Lyda Coach
Sherman Oaks, CA
BRA Member Since 2019


I help women in living the lives they love and having the relationships they most desire by supporting them in Doing Dating Differently!


"“Before working with Molly as a coach, my need to control everything was making it hard for me to fully enjoy my life and let go of unnecessary stress. However, through our work together I learned tools to let go and trust… not that I don’t follow through with what I need to, but I’ve significantly loosened my grip. Now my life is much more calm and joyful. I am able to balance the hectic times with the non-hectic and feel at ease even when I am not in control. I learned that balance creates a peace in my life that I never knew was possible.” K.C. – Cargo Claims Agent “I sought Molly’s help as I wasn’t focusing on personal growth like I wanted to and was feeling so much stress. In our coaching work together I learned how to break my personal projects down into smaller bite-sized pieces, which has brought me a lot of joy and feelings of accomplishment. I now recognize that small steps really do add up to completing big goals. I’m now also more aware of how I’m feeling in the moment – and better able to attend to my needs. Plus, I have been learning to trust myself and my decisions, which has been huge for my confidence.” D.O. – Financial Executive “I felt stuck in my life and was dealing with irritability and a short temper that was affecting the relationships with my co-workers and my family. Molly’s coaching taught me that it’s ok to feel emotions such as sadness and anger. But she also taught me tools to deal with those feelings in a healthy and self-honoring way, rather than taking it out on those around me. I also learned that it’s important for me to slow down and take care of myself without feeling guilty! I had some beliefs about self-care that were actually hindering me greatly. I’m now calmer at work and less reactive. Working with Molly has been life changing in a simple way.” M.B. – Real Estate Agent “Before working with Molly as my coach, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted or needed to focus on in my life and just let other people’s priorities fill my time. Now I’m clear on my vision, what I’m working towards, and how to get there.” R.L. — Television Producer “Prior to coaching with Molly, I felt lost and overwhelmed with all that I wanted for my life. Now I’m confident and connected to myself like never before. I have the vision for what I want and I’m enjoying watching it come to fruition.” M.P. — Social Worker “Previously I had been living in chaos with little structure. I was overwhelmed with what I wanted in life, very hard on myself in terms of self-criticism and comparison with others, and unaware of how often I was operating from fear. As a result of my work with Molly as my coach, I am now living a day-to-day life that is more self-accepting and centered around love. Now I'm not as hard on myself, able to truly love and appreciate others, and I'm proud of my accomplishments, large and small. Thanks Molly!” S.Y. — Graduate Student"

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