Dr. Cindy Tsai, MD
Yes & More Inc.
San Diego, CA
BRA Member Since 2023


Dr. Cindy Tsai, MD





Dr. Cindy Tsai is an award-winning board-certified Physician, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author and Chief Wellness Officer to female entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations. She helps you prioritize your health and well-being to grow your business without burnout. As the visionary Founder of Yes & More, a personal growth and wellness company, she's dedicated to empowering leaders and organizations through developing comprehensive mind-body-spirit wellness programs, helping women say YES to themselves and more.


“I can’t begin to list the benefits I have received from working with you Cindy. When we first started I was in an odd mindset and very unsettled and honestly unsure how things would go. Your openness and encouragement to push myself and at the same time learn how to take care of myself was exactly what I needed. The benefits are innumerable. I am less stressed; I am more able to advocate for myself; I do not put my needs last or swallow my words when something does not go right; I am more confident (and I didn’t think I lacked confidence). My stress and anxiety levels are the lowest they have been in years despite 2022 being a challenging year for me. My health is absolutely better as my body no longer ties itself up in knots when I am anxious. I’ve almost entirely stopped overeating to compensate for stress. I definitely needed to build my toolkit and that’s what I think I got out of our sessions the most. Plus an understanding ear and someone to push me to figure out how to put myself at the forefront while not dropping family and work commitments….that push to find balance and the strength to REFUSE to be stressed and anxious or to react poorly when someone pushed my buttons. That is invaluable.” - L. D. “The old me would have gone ballistic! This has been the first drama-free vacation. We didn’t get into any arguments. This is the first time our families have vacationed together and we didn’t kill each other! I’ve been losing weight and feel good about my journey. I have so much more confidence in myself and so much more love for myself!!” - Tanya T. “Transformative. I learned so many tools to help me on my self-care journey, including how to stay connected to my intuition, how to let go of past traumas/disappointments/losses, breathing techniques, and how to treat myself with kindness and grace. It has made my life easier. Coaching has helped save me time. I don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, disappointment or sadness like I did the last 5 years. What I love most about working with Cindy is her positivity and encouragement. I never feel like I’m falling behind, not doing the work or not making progress. She makes it easy to make a commitment to yourself, and provides options/tools for working through challenges.” - Blythe A. “Dr. Cindy Tsai’s speech and presentation was truly a breath of fresh air. As a physician and wellness/life coach, her inspiring message advocating for women was well-received and the feedback from our members has been tremendous! Her specialized and integrative approach is exactly what’s needed during these crazy times in our world. She speaks with a grounded and calming presence while bringing insight and compassion to engage the audience, sprinkled with practical examples and techniques. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!” - Merrilee Neal-1st VP Programs, The Thursday Club

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