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Los Angeles, CA
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Angel Rodriguez





We support organizations that serve BIPOC youth & their families in accessing education, recreation, and employment opportunities. We also provide Technical Assistance to public and private agencies in the form of leadership coaching, curriculum development, training, and Expert Witness services.


Social Worker to Social Entrepreneur

Angel is a social work professional turned entrepreneur. At her core, she is still a badass social worker but after 20+ years of experience in the public child welfare system, Angel is now embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey- a journey she never thought she’d embark on. Listen to her story as she talks about the challenges she faced transitioning to entrepreneurship and the ways she continues to push forward. (July 2023)


From Daisy De Anda: I had the pleasure of working alongside Angel in November 2023 at the Cafecito Con Jefas (CCJ) #ShowUpJefa networking event. In my time spent with her, I can attest to her exceptional skills to collaborate with a large team and communicate not only effectively but with different groups, ranging from event vendors to attendees and panel speakers. Angel handled all tasks at hand with not only grace, but a positive attitude, a huge smile on her face and the upmost professionalism. Angel's ability to adapt and be flexible with last minute changes, and willingness to lead and motivate the CCJ team ensured we reached a successful event outcome! The event committee greatly benefitted from all her efforts, and I highly recommend her as true asset to any institution or organizational team!

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