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"Trauma often begins with abuse from a partner, parent, or a stranger, including physical, mental, emotional, and/or sexual. Trauma doesn't discriminate and doesn't have to make sense to anyone else. For some of us, trauma may be loss of a pet, bullying, abusive workplaces, and careless medical professionals. Anyone can experience trauma. These traumas often lead to illnesses, job loss, financial ruin, custody battles, PTSD, etc. and are capable of either bringing us down, or helping us rise into the resilient humans we are meant to be. Design the life and/or business you've always known you are worthy of creating. Learn to build resiliency, emotional capacity and to self-regulate. Turn your pain into purpose; design your incredible comeback after trauma."


"Adrienne is a joy to work with even in very difficult situations that I really didn't want to look at, but could see how it blocked me from so many joys in life. Adrienne's guidance, reassurance and vast knowledge of how to work through past experiences has let me face my traumas and see them for what they are. With Adrienne's help I am finally able to grow from them instead of allowing them to bounce around inside and continue their damage. I highly recommend Adrienne to anyone who is looking to get unstuck and grow beyond a situation and to be able to enjoy life more fully. Now is your time." Melanie - Salt Lake City, UT "Adrienne is kind, thoughtful, level headed, and incredible at what she does. She understands everybody’s needs are different and meets them where they are at." Samantha Montoya - Prescott, AZ "I've worked with Adrienne professionally and her level of understanding the trauma response and how to heal is exceptional. What I love most about working with Adrienne is her ability to help me find the words to express what I truly need and want in relation to others and how to set clear boundaries. She has helped me grow in so many ways!" Dr. Marissa Castello - San Diego, CA "Adrienne is a gem! Her kindness and commitment to her clients is incredible. I have learned how to manage my trauma responses to improve my outcomes when stressed out and Adrienne has taught me coping mechanisms to use as soon as those anxious feelings creep in. My life is definitely enhanced by knowing Adrienne and learning from her. I look forward to her TRY classes twice a week would take her class every day if our schedules allowed it! She is truly on a mission to help people and it is a pleasure to learn from her." Louisa Koistinen - Phoenix, AZ "I have struggled for years with shame and self distraction , using food , alcohol and drugs to cover my feelings , never really understanding the voice in my head and the overwhelming feelings .Things are changing and the voices have been given a place and space that is nonjudgmental and healing. I am coming together and learning to stay calm and listen to myself and others It's so freeing. What a gift." Cindy Gershen - San Francisco, CA "Adrienne is a great coach who is accessible, responsive, and amazing at what she does. Her trauma release yoga program is very impactful, and it has changed me in just a few weeks. We have also been working on Somatic Experiencing which is very transformative. I highly recommend Adrienne's services." Dr. Stephan Liozu - Phoenix, AZ "Adrienne is a caring, patient and knowledgable trauma therapist and guide. She has helped me to move through areas of my life where I have been stuck for decades. I appreciate her patience but also her gentle nudge, when needed. There is a fine line between giving myself the space I need to heal, and wallowing there because it's easier than doing the work. She keeps me moving in the right direction." Jodi Brown - Pensacola, FL "I highly recommend Adrienne's yoga sessions! Her yoga sessions are very different from traditional yoga sessions in that it was softer, slower, and allowed you to really breathe into the sessions to fully relax. A terrific way to reset your nervous system guided by her gentle prompts!" Robin - Cleveland, OH

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