Adrienne Maye
Moving Forward with Diabetes Management, LLC
Kennesaw, GA
BRA Member Since 2024


The Mission of Moving Forward with Diabetes Management, LLC is to provide People living with Diabetes a clear, obtainable pathway through educational learning that will enable them to make positive life choices and successfully manage their diabetes. We meet our clients where they are and assist with goal setting and progression to make sustainable lifestyle changes in their health journey.


"For me personally, I struggle with trying to manage my diabetes. I really appreciate how Adrienne acknowledges that and gives us bite-size tips. This power pack doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information. Yet it shows you that you CAN achieve your goals! I really love the snack solutions segment! With a busy lifestyle, it takes the guess work out of what my healthy food options should be. I incorporated the exercise suggestion started walking each day. I can really tell a difference with my energy level and weight management. Also, at $27 it’s a steal! That’s easily my total for lunch during the work week! Please purchase this and invest in your health! I’ll definitely be signing up with Coach Adrienne." — Betina W. "This course [Take Charge and Balance, a 12-Week Prediabetes Lifestyle Course] raised my awareness to keep track of my A1C, stress in my life, cholesterol, exercise and nutrition. I am more aware of what I eat-Carbs, sugar and fat intake. All that plays a part in managing your prediabetes." — Ray P.

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