The Madness of Entrepreneurship and Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Three women business owners discussing the madness of entrepreneurship

There are very few things more exciting in life than building a business. You have an idea, a product, or a concept that you believe in so deeply and so passionately that you want to bring it to life. You can see it, smell it, taste it and visualize it being a huge success. You’re going to help others, make money and maybe even change the world! You envision a different life for yourself, one on which you are no longer working for a boss or tied to an office all day. And you’re blissfully unaware of the madness of entrepreneurship…


So you take that leap into the exhilarating world of running your own business. So many members of The BRA Network can relate to this feeling. 

I am going to make this happen!  I am going to make this idea a reality!” – every brand new entrepreneur.

And then it’s off to the races, learning, researching, collaborating, meetings, meetings, meetings, YouTube videos to figure out how to do something, late nights, early mornings, and a never-ending to-do list of things that need to happen to make your goals a reality. 

Along the way you encounter euphoric highs when you experience a win or a success or simply some progress in the right direction. Or better yet, when you make your first sale or book your first client. Oooooh weeee, those days are incredible! You feel validated. You feel like you are moving in the right direction. Your imposter syndrome shuts the F up for a little while. You can’t stop smiling because you are taking steps towards making your dreams come true. PURE ELATION.

happy black woman business owner working on her laptop


But what about the other days? When you’re at a total standstill, when one roadblock after another presents itself, when something you thought was incredible gets negative feedback, when you run into a financial speed bump? 

What about the days when you wonder what the hell you are even doing, when you have lost complete faith in yourself and your mission, and when the overwhelm and exhaustion is too much to bear? What then?

And um, yeah, hate to break it to ya, but there are A LOT of those days. 

So how do we make sure to keep our mental health in check and our nervous systems regulated throughout our entrepreneurial journey?

Distressed woman business owner working at her desk


We asked one of our very own BRA Members, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Ingrid Oliansky to provide us with some tips on how to make sure we keep our mental health…healthy.

Here is what Ingrid has to say…



I cannot emphasize this enough. We are no good to ourselves or anyone else if we are stressed and burned out. Proper sleep and nutrition are essential. 

So while it is tempting to stay up burning the candles at both ends to perfect those offers, create those social media templates, or finish designing a lead magnet, that lack of sleep will ultimately lead to a burnout you do NOT want to experience.



Beyond sleep and proper nutrition we also need recreation. There is a reason the military has built in time for Rest and Recreation. Even the most disciplined of people need a break. 

It reminds us of the old proverb All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” which means without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. And when a person is bored and boring, they don’t have any inspiration or motivation to draw from. And the spiral continues.



Whether it is through exercise, meditation or medication, find a way to lower stress levels. Stress is responsible for both Physical and Psychological disorders. 

Find healthy ways to lower stress levels. While floating away from your troubles in a bottle of wine may be tempting, it’s temporary. Incorporating a routine of activities that specifically help reduce stress in a healthy way are crucial. So no matter how much more work you have to do on your website, and no matter how many emails you need to reply to, close the laptop and head out to yoga or dance class. You will be so much better off when you return to work.



Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and stressful experience. Having a core group of people for guidance, asking questions, support, venting and commiserating is so immeasurably important when it comes to your mental health and your entrepreneurial journey

The BRA Network is not only a wonderful place to learn and network, but it’s also a place for camaraderie and community. Feeling a little less alone, or hearing someone else’s story that feels very similar to what you are experiencing, can be really soothing and important to maintaining a healthy outlook through this process.


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