Sustainability + Women-Owned: Celebrating Eco-Friendly Businesses on Earth Day

Here at The BRA Network, we absolutely LOVE a female-owned business. Pair that with a business that focuses on sustainability and eco friendly practices? Call us obsessed! 

April is a month for many things, including Earth Day! Earth Day 2024 is a time to focus on our beautiful planet, our environment, the problems we face and ways in which we can make small changes to make an impact. 

One of the most immediate and impactful changes we can make is to be discerning regarding where we spend our money. There are incredible companies out there that not only offer great products, but also have a strict commitment to bettering our planet. Better yet, there are incredible female-owned businesses that have pledged to make a difference. 

Read on for several eco-friendly female-owned businesses…


Aiya ayiA, sustainable vegan luxury accessories

Aiya AyiA

Founded by BRA Member, Shaleen Ratansai, Aiya ayiA is sustainable vegan luxury. Their collections of handbags, wallets, totes, and other accessories are constructed entirely of plant leather, dyed naturally with flowers, and meticulously handcrafted by skilled artists in Canada. They even have a line of home decor now! Consciously built to ensure they do no harm to the planet , animals, and humans, their products are chemical-free, petroleum-free, and plastic-free.

Inspired by the circle of life, Aiya ayiA uses a circular economy to create renewable, sustainable, luxury products without compromising the planet, their values, and our health. They are committed to positively impacting the environment and society by replicating circular ecosystems that generate local economy, revive artisanal leather manufacturing sustainably, and collaborate with industries to turn waste materials into new products to collectively achieve zero waste. 

Part of their zero waste initiative includes piecing each style together to ensure every square inch of material is allocated into different designs so no cuts go to waste. Anything smaller than a square inch is placed into compost bins, where it breaks down into nutrients. By using natural and clean materials, they are 100% biodegradable & compostable, completing the circle of life.

We love ALL of this!!! *clap clap*


BlueLand co-founder Sarah Yoo


Co-Founder Sarah Yoo’s journey to use less single-use plastic began when she became a new mom. She was horrified to learn that all the plastic she was throwing away was contaminating our water supply and generating hundreds of microplastics in the water and food she was feeding her baby. She wanted to do her part to help, but it was impossible to find household products like window cleaner, lotion, and toothpaste that didn’t come packaged in plastic. From there, Blueland was born. Blueland’s mission is simple: make it easy to be eco with innovative products in reusable packaging that are convenient, effective and affordable.

On Blueland’s website, consumers can purchase starter kits and refills for every cleaning need you can think of. From hand soap to laundry products, shoppers can feel good about these eco-friendly purchases from a female-owned business. Blueland’s products have helped to eliminate over 1 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans since 2019. Incredible!


Flex Bamboo Pads and Liners


Founder and CEO Lauren Schulte Wang founded Flex so anyone with a period could find comfort. Flex’s mission is to help people with periods thrive. They believe in a world where vagina isn’t a bad word, where all menstruators are part of the conversation, and where nobody is turned away from essential period care.

From their bestselling cups and discs, to supplements, wipes, pads and liners made from bamboo, Flex is changing the conversation around menstruation. Additionally, the Flex team is devoted to making an impact. According to the website, the Flex Reusable Disc and Flex Cup are zero-waste products, while Flex Disc and Flex Plant+ Disc reduce waste by 60-71% compared to traditional period products. 

Additionally, Flex Discs and Flex Cup are made in the USA and Canada. Because their production facilities are so close to their warehouses, we reduce energy usage and emissions that come from transit. 

And finally, the materials used in Flex products aren’t just premium quality, they’re also ethically sourced and repurposed when possible. 

Period care that makes an impact? Female-owned business? We’re in!


The Second Annual Celebrity Gala & Fundraiser

Every Day Action

Nothing makes us more excited than highlighting two more of our very own in a list like this!  BRA Members Hillary Cohen and Samantha Luu, co-founders of Every Day Action, are committed to running an environmentally conscious nonprofit. 

Their goal is to help others while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. They partner with World Centric, who donates 100% biodegradable packaging to Every Day Action 365 days a year, to ensure their food saving program continues to keep food and waste out of landfills. Additionally, Every Day Action strives to donate directly to the neighborhoods they reallocate from – thus reducing the distances their food reallocators drive daily.


In the spirit of their eco-friendly efforts, Every Day Action’s annual fundraising gala has a Recycle-Ball theme this year. While they still want attendees to dress to the nines and feel amazing, they also want them to wear something “recycled.” Attendees can make their own outfit out of found items, rent the runway, hit a thrift store, borrow from a friend or wear something already owned. Their only rule – don’t buy something new! Everything must be “recycled”. How fun is that?

Be sure to follow Every Day Action HERE on Instagram!


Raven + Lily jewelry

Raven + Lily

Raven + Lily, a company that offers artisanal pieces such as handbags, jewelry and home items, is 100% women-led and 100% of their HQ team are women. Led by CEO Kinda Lincoln and Creative Director Kristen Caron, Raven + Lily believes in creating economic opportunities for women, bolstering mothers with flexible working hours, and offering a considerate and respectful work environment.

Raven + Lily is a Certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. They are committed to responsible production and their global network of skilled artisan partners use regionally sourced, natural and sustainable materials to bring our designs to life.

Dedicated to upholding a positive environmental and social impact, Raven + Lily works with organizations that encourage women to seek opportunities in roles traditionally occupied by men. This incredible company believes in championing women from all backgrounds and cultures and ensures they are involved in every aspect of their business, whether at executive level, in design and development, or sourcing and production. 


There are so many impressive companies out there looking to make an impact and a commitment to sustainability and making the Earth a better place. By choosing to support women-owned businesses that are committed to sustainability, WE are making an impact with our spending power. BRB, going shopping now!

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