How to Attract Your Ideal Client as a Business Owner

Today we’re sharing how to attract your ideal client as a business owner, which is an entrepreneurial hurdle we ALL have to learn how to overcome. So let’s dive in!

Who is your ideal client?

This is the important question you need to ask yourself first. Who exactly is your ideal client? Be specific with your answer. Think about their age, what their budget is, and why they need your service or product. How do you think this client would typically find your business? Is your client mainly an Instagram user or Pinterest user? Once you know exactly who your ideal client is, the rest of the information in this post will come together easily!

Who is NOT your ideal client?

If you are having some trouble defining your specific ideal client, think about who they are NOT. It might be easier to determine what the definite “NOs” are when it comes to potential clients. You can narrow down the traits of the client(s) you want to work with. This is not necessarily a negative strategy. Sometimes it is as simple as a budget or niche. 

Update Your Website and Social Media

You need to have a strong website and active social media platforms. If you have recently redefined your ideal client, make sure you are speaking to them in those places. Use relatable language and be sure to display the image of your ideal client. People want to see themselves in your work before they can think about committing financially. Try to create a healthy balance of showing off your expertise while still being approachable. It helps if you show your face on these platforms! Create some informational blogs, fun Instagram Reels, and stories.

While you are letting your ideal clients get to know you more, take a look at your about page on your website and your bios on social media. Are your business values clear? In order to attract the ideal client you want, you need to make it easy for them to know what your business is all about. Along with your values, it is helpful to be transparent about your prices. If you are selling services, try to provide the starting range at a minimum. For products, list the exact price or starting price if they are custom items.

Be Present

Instead of just checking off all of the boxes, implementing the advice we have provided here for you today, you also need to be present.

Take a moment every day to manifest your ideal client. This can be in the form of a meditation or a simple journal entry. Speak and write down what you want to attract.

When you are interacting with others in person or online, be present as well. Answer questions thoughtfully and support your network. Your ideal client is watching!

We hope that this blog helps you understand how to attract your ideal client!

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