Brunch, Reflections, and New Beginnings: A Recap of Manifest & Breakfast 2024

The first week of the New Year was something special as BRA Members came together in-person for Manifest & Breakfast 2024. We took a moment to reflect on where we started plus the ups and downs experienced during 2023, and we celebrated our wins. Plus, we welcomed 10 amazing new members to our BRA community. Let’s dive into the highlights and feel the good vibes.

Reflecting on the Journey:

We kicked things off with some deep reflection. It was a chance to look back and appreciate the progress we’ve made, no matter how small. We all shared stories of growth, and despite the challenges, we found reasons to pat ourselves on the back. It was a pretty powerful way to start the day.

Celebrating Victories:

2023 threw us some curveballs for sure, but we had some real highs, too. We took a moment to brag a bit — totally deserved! — about the projects we not only completed, but totally crushed. The room echoed with cheers and applause—it was like a big group hug celebrating each other’s successes. There is nothing like being in the room with a group of BRA Members! 

Welcoming New Members:

Big shoutout to the 10 incredible entrepreneurs who joined us for their first Manifest & Breakfast! It was awesome to see new faces and feel that fresh energy. For those who haven’t met them yet, just know we’ve got some seriously cool, heart-centered folks in BRA Network. Check out our Rack (a.k.a. the BRA Member Directory) to learn more about the latest additions to the community. The vibe of inclusion, collaboration, and the idea that “business doesn’t have to be lonely” is stronger than ever.

The Power of Connection:

Manifest & Breakfast 2024 wasn’t just an event; it’s a vibe. As we dreamed about the lives we want and the people we aspire to be, the room buzzed with potential and shared energy. We’re more than just a community; we’re a bunch of go-getters who know we can achieve more together than alone.

Looking Forward:

As we close the book on another memorable Manifest & Breakfast, the excitement for our growing community is real. The support, collaborations, and shared experiences among BRA Members prove that we’ve built something special. Cheers to the past, the present, and the endless possibilities of our future adventures together.


Manifest & Breakfast 2024 captured everything that makes us BRA: Reflection, celebration, and a warm welcome to our newest members—it was a day full of genuine connections and visualizing our hopes, dreams, and goals for the New Year. Here’s to the stories we shared, the laughs we had, and the awesome journey we’re on together. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be lonely! Until next time, BRA fam!


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