Our 3rd annual luncheon to benefit a worthy organization while recognizing and inspiring female entrepreneurs. Watch the video below to see what you missed!
March 13, 2019 | Annenberg Community Beach House


You know how you have your circle of friends — the ones who always show up for you, but are also the ones you can text photos of yourself in a dressing room and ask, “Does this show too much back fat?”

And then you have the next wider circle filled with ladies who are friends, but it’s okay if they don’t know it’s your birthday until Facebook reminds them.

And then you have the even wider circle, where new friends are invited in by mutual friends, but you feel like you have known them forever because they are just so damn cool and the first thing you find you have in common is the desire to advance and empower women everywhere.

That pretty much sums up the vibe at this year’s Women on the Rise luncheon! As ladies and the two gentlemen entered the gorgeous Annenberg Beach House, they found close friends, mutual friends and made new friends…

Event Photography

Photographer: BRA Member, Bree McCool of Bree McCool Photography

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