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BRA and WeWo Founder Carrie Murray with Keynote Speaker Rachel Rodgers

August 25, 2022 Keynote Vicki Saunders & Special Guest, Arlan Hamilton. Learn how to get funding and become an angel investor (Moderator Catherine Gray, Laurel Mintz, Ann Metzger, B. Pagels-Minor, and Kelly O’Connell); release negative money stories with Amy Schuber; get to know the Women of Wealth of the BRA Network (Moderator Analisa Moskus, Tisha Morris, Diana Greshtchuk, and Rita Boccuzzi); learn about real estate investment from Moderator Monick Halm, Dominique Vescuso, and Lanisha Stubbs; discover the art of receiving wealth from Andrea Quinn, and experience an oceanside chat with Vicki Saunders.

August 26, 2022 Keynote: Rachel Rodgers. Be delighted by Karen A. Clark’s (City National) powerful talk. Get at intro to Cryptocurrencies from Analisa Moskus. Learn how to unleash your money mojo with wisdom from the dojo via Jennifer Cassetta (and feel like a badass!). Discover six places your business is hiding profits with Leslie Hassler. Get inspired with a heartfelt talk on creating impact with and finding purpose in your work led by Joanna Waterfall. Get creative with your passive income streams with Jannese Torres. And experience another profound oceanside chat with Jannese.

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