Rave Reviews from BRA Members

“I’ve been a Member of BRA since it’s inception. It’s been a fantastic experience. It’s women supporting women in business, and the community lifts each other up to help grow our businesses. We brainstorm ideas on how to make business more effective and efficient. It’s just been a fantastic learning experience in addition to a supportive community that’s helped to grow my business.”

“Carrie’s super power lies in her ability to gather and connect the right women and businesses together, and her Business Relationship Alliance Network for female entrepreneurs does just that! I highly recommend joining her community!”

“Carrie is one of the top connectors in my community. Tell her what/who you’re looking for, and she’ll no doubt send well-aligned opportunities and people your way. She created something spectacular with BRA Network – I know that when I’m looking for a fellow womxn entrepreneur to collaborate or work with all I have to do is browse the BRA directory and there will be tons of professionals to choose from. Carrie also makes partnering with her a pleasure – she has her sh*t together, communicates clearly, and does an impeccable job no matter the situation. She’s also a delightful human who’s always one of the most fun people in any room, and when you’re managing the stress of running your own business, that’s an extremely valuable attribute to have in a colleague, partner, and friend. I wholeheartedly adore Carrie Murray, and I don’t care who knows it.”


“Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or looking to expand your business, the community of women at BRA consistently proves to be an invaluable resource of knowledge, support and power in achieving and exceeding your goals.”


“Joining Carrie and her Business Relationship Alliance (BRA) has been such a fruitful for experience for me (both personally as well as an entrepreneur). Carrie’s strong leadership and keen sense in creating opportunities for her members has made it a warm community to participate in. Carrie is always creating and facilitating conversations, workshops, & classes to serve the highest interest of the group. You can tell that she has a strong background in education because all of the events are very well planned and the goals are always clear. Carrie is highly skilled in strategic planning, business relations/development, communications, as well as leadership. Although the network is large, she has never hesitated to offer quality time and her expertise in whatever I have needed.”

“Carrie Murray and BRA are the best network out there. Carrie has designed BRA to be a place of connection, collaboration and learning. My business has grown exponentially and I owe a good deal of that to Carrie and BRA. She has cultivated an environment that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive. It’s not your old school local chamber network. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone I meet that wants to grow their business and connect with other outstanding women across multiple fields!”


“Being a member of the BRA Network and getting to know Carrie better has been a great experience for me. Carrie’s knowledge and insight about so many things has been an amazing resource for me as I navigate entrepreneurship. She is an amazing leader and helps facilitate collaborations and education among all of her members. I have participated in many BRA events, and come away from each one with new knowledge, information and new friends. I highly recommend this organization for any female entrepreneur.”


“If you don’t know Carrie yet, introduce yourself—you won’t regret it. Carrie is down-to-earth, genuinely curious about who you are and what you do and how she can support you. She is a great resource, generous, funny, fun and so kind-hearted. I am so grateful for having met her and becoming a BRA member. I’ve become connected to, and have collaborated with so many awesome women through Carrie. Her leadership attracts amazing people!!”

Rave Reviews for BRA Events

BRA Network’s 6th Annual Women on the Rise 2024 Social Impact & Awards Luncheon to honor female and non-binary entrepreneurs in Santa Monica, CA

Wealthy Women Summit 2023 hosted by BRA Network on September 30th in Carlsbad, CA

BRA Network’s 5th Annual Women on the Rise 2023 Social Impact & Awards Luncheon to honor female and non-binary entrepreneurs in Santa Monica, CA

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