At the heart, Business Relationship Alliance exists to foster collaboration, connection, and community amongst female and non-binary entrepreneurs.
Our mission is to foster a community where we uplift female and non-binary entrepreneurs and provide support, resources, and opportunities for connection in an inclusive space where you are seen, respected, and accepted. With continually evolving programming, BRA offers education and inspiration to empower Members at every level. The glass ceiling is broken, the sky is the limit. No matter what your personal vision of success looks like, come thrive with us.
  • We provide an inclusive and supportive environment, always.

  • We value and promote education in all forms, including what we can learn from other Members, no matter their number of years in business. We provide educational takeaway whenever possible to help our Members continue to grow.

  • We dedicate ourselves to providing a community full of vetted, like-minded, empowered Members who reflect our high standards in business and life.

  • We provide Members with opportunities for authentic connection.

  • We provide Members opportunities to uplevel their business(es).

  • We value you regardless of your experience level.

  • We promise Members will not need to walk through their entrepreneurial journey alone.

…all you have to do is show up!


A BRA Member shares in the understanding that:

  • We embody a collaborative mindset and encourage our Members to hire each other first.

  • We believe entrepreneurship is part of your multi-faceted, integrated human experience. It IS personal. It’s business.

  • We believe that vulnerability is a superpower. You’re safe with us.

  • We invest in one another — and women and non-binary people everywhere — by sharing our resources (knowledge, experience, connections, time, energy, and money).

  • We help our Members get more business thereby changing the landscape of the current global economy and our place in it.

  • We are purposeful in building businesses that are reflections of a diverse inclusive community and not a homogenized group.

  • We have a shared obligation to build businesses that think globally and act ethically in their business practices and production. We give back to our greater communities whenever possible, individually and as a collective.

  • … and we enjoy the journey!


Carrie Murray is the Founder of BRA – Business Relationship Alliance.

Carrie has demonstrated her passion for empowering women for decades. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Work with an emphasis in Domestic Violence. She worked as a court advocate, helping victims understand their rights and navigate the judicial system. She then went on to get a Master’s in Social Justice.

Later, Carrie became a teacher, an administrator at a public charter school, and ultimately a Principal.

In 2011, Carrie began her own entrepreneurial journey by starting a school for twice exceptional kids, Prestique Academy of Innovation and Technology.

Eventually, BRA was born out of a shared need among her friends who also owned businesses — a need for community, a place to share experience, provide advice, seek education, and receive support from like-minded female entrepreneurs.

Carrie is also the Founder of the Wealthy Women Summit, a speaker, and the podcast host of Get Carried Away.

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