December 1st - 25th, 2023

Are you ready to have your bookkeeping done before the Holidays?

BRA Member, Taylor Bitsoli wants to help us get all our bookkeeping ducks in a row for 2024!

If you’re dreaming of a stress-free tax season sign up for Taylor’s 25 Days of Bookkeeping Challenge

In the next 25 days you will go from wanting to shoot your eye out when you think about bookkeeping to spreading bookkeeping cheer and singing loud for all to hear! Join for 25 days of: 


❄️5 Minute Bookkeeping Lessons

❄️Bookkeeping Reminders

❄️Bookkeeping Tips

❄️Freebies to help you get your bookkeeping on track

❄️A good laugh and some holiday cheer

❄️Fun Prizes (more details to come!)

The goal is to provide all the information you need to get your bookkeeping up to date before 2024. 

You’ll receive 25 days of accountability as well as easily digestible bookkeeping lessons, tips, reminders, and freebies!

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