April 4th - 24th

Note: There is no set meeting time. Each day for 21 days, Aleya will send you an email with what you are supposed to do that day. The total daily time commitment will range from approximately 20 minutes to 90 minutes (give or take). 

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly juggling the demands of your business, seeking growth, and striving for success. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from your true purpose. That’s where Aleya Harris comes in. 

Starting April 4, you’re invited to join Aleya Harris and a community of abundance-minded peers as she guides you through Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Abundance Journey. 

This transformative meditation series is designed to propel you into Q2 and the rest of 2024 with a powerful flow of abundance. This journey isn’t just about financial prosperity; it’s about enriching your life and business with positive energy, deeper connections, and a sense of limitless possibility.

As someone who has navigated the entrepreneurial journey’s highs and lows, Aleya understands the unique challenges you face. She’s transformed her experiences into actionable insights and strategies to share with you. This series is more than just meditations; it’s an opportunity to join a like-minded community, foster genuine connections, and discover your radical authenticity.

Let’s embark on this journey of abundance together, unlocking new levels of success and fulfillment in personal and professional lives

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