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“Virtual Marketing Director & COO who partners with small business owners -- primarily service-based female entrepreneurs. I serve as a long-term member of your executive management team to improve website usability and SEO, optimize your email and social media marketing, and establish strategic systems so everything works together to help you reach your target audience and your goals.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Sciuto for the last 7 years. She's an integral part of my management team, growing in her role as Digital Marketing Manager to my brand's Chief Operating Officer. Michelle manages all of our marketing, analytics, and operations. Her marketing expertise is extensive, and she makes data driven decisions that influence our overall strategy. She plans our campaigns, handles all our website + email + membership management, measures the performance analytics of each campaign, and provides reports + recommendations. Michelle's work is stellar!” - Carrie Murray, Founder of BRA - Business Relationship Alliance and WeWo - Wealthy Women Summit, Los Angeles, CA “If you are able to get on Michelle’s client list, consider yourself lucky to have found such a gem. Michelle Sciuto is phenomenal at what she does. If you want someone who will go the extra mile for your business, Michelle is your person! I've been lucky enough to find her from a referral of one of my clients, and have since referred her to many more. She is organized and efficient, taking care of details that others might miss. Her strategy in the successful launches of two other brands I've worked with has been impressive. Michelle is knowledgeable about the inner workings of marketing and strategy. In a field dominated by inexperience and disappointments, Michelle has never been one to let her clients down. She's one of the few who actually knows what she is doing, and has the capacity to do it phenomenally. One thing I love about Michelle is her prompt communication - I'm never left guessing or hanging when working with her, which in this industry is a HUGE relief.” - Ali Wright, Dapper Fox Designs in Park City, UT “Michelle made us feel like she was on our team 100% We very much enjoyed working with her! Michelle has a wonderful calm presence that helped us get through some of our harried days as small business owners. She was integral in setting up our CRM and ensuring our email marketing funnels were on point. Michelle was also not shy to figure out things she had not yet accomplished before. We appreciated that she was a go getter in that way! I highly recommend working with Michelle for your marketing needs!” - Stacey Beaman, PlyoJam Co-Founder & COO in Burbank, CA

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