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Build a great relationship with money, so it can be your ally in life instead of a source of stress. Get rid of unconscious money blocks, establish new financial habits and press reset on a fresh money story…one that helps you finally feel that you are whole, aligned and on purpose with money.


Money & You with Michelle Perkins

Your connection with money should be one of the best relationships in your life. Is it? Certified coach and CEO of Limit Free Life, Michelle Perkins breaks down your relationship with money – offering tough love money tips and a money dating plan that focuses on lifting the barriers to success by uncovering underlying money beliefs, illuminating what’s driving money behavior, and paving the way for a better relationship with money and increased wealth. It’s time to take control.


“I have attended other money seminars, and used other financial coaches, but I have never combined money mindset (what disempowering consistent comments I say about money) with budgets and tracking. Facing my money fears, identifying sacred money archetypes, ending money leaks, and creating powerful communication success when talking about money were the four biggest components I took away from the program. Since the course, I have saved about 20% of my income, and I will have paid off the rest of my debt which was approximately $30,000 by October 2023. At last, I act like an adult around my money and not someone who “wishes for the best” but expects the worst.” Lorenda Phillips, Owner of The Essential Entrepreneur, California “Managing my money world is an entirely new experience since going through Michelle Perkin's Money Date coaching. Before it was all about stress and worry -- debt, finding capital to keep my business running, working more just to cover expenses and more expenses. I never got to experience PROFIT. I would dread the hours I spent looking over expenses and raising revenues. It felt impossible. Honestly, I often wanted to avoid it all together. I now call managing my finances a "Money Date." I look forward to time managing my finances now! I understand now that managing money is like a relationship. I approach it with respect and make it a wonderful experience. I wake up in the quiet hours of morning for my money dates before the noise of children and a busy family. I light my favorite candles or essential oils. Take time making a coffee or homegrown tea. I clear off my desk and remind myself of how valuable my money is to my life. I feel like every dollar is sacred. I make sure it's not getting wasted. I watch how it is being used, and I have clear plans using Michelle's brilliant tracking systems on how I will save, spend or pay off my debt. I got here through mindset changes I learned from my Limit Free Life Coaching and easy-to-use systems Michelle has helped me put into place. I went from total dread about managing my finances, to taking pride and joy that I am the CFO of my business and life. Overwhelm turned into confidence. When money is managed well -- my life's dreams start coming true!” Jen Gammons-Mujica "Farmer Jen" "Michelle is an AMAZING business and money coach with the right balance of compassion, understanding and know-how to make a huge difference in how much you are making and how your business is running. Her gentle push was enough to accelerate my income and expansion a great deal. I don't know of anyone I would recommend more." Kathryn Alice, Bestselling Author and Relationship Coach

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