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Los Angeles, CA
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“As a Functional Holistic Nutritionist with a focus on Peri/Menopausal transition, I help clients balance hormones to create optimal health, radiance + vitality by providing education, support, accountability, motivation and inspiration.”


"Lisa has changed my life. She guided me through a transformation in eating and lifestyle that in just a few short months yielded the results I was looking for. When I arrived in LA, I was stressed, having problems with fatigue, and coming to terms with a recurrent breast cancer diagnosis. I needed advice and support. My blood sugar was unstable and I seemed to hang on to a little extra weight no matter what I did. With Lisa’s guidance and coaching, we identified simple changes in my eating and daily living habits that have revitalized not only my body, but also my life and attitude. Lisa explains and educates in a way that is remarkably effective and easy to grasp. I am continually impressed by her knowledge and generosity in sharing that knowledge with her community. Whether you are ready for change and need a little guidance, or if you need ongoing support in the face of serious medical issues, Lisa is an amazing partner on that journey. I feel encouraged and enabled to live my best life possible in challenging circumstances." — Kelley O. "Lisa is a highly qualified and knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist. Her patience, dedication, commonsense approach and compassion empowers clients to take charge of their own health and vitality. I'm forever grateful." — Angela B. "I learned something brand new that no one else had ever explained to me; and I had never read it in all of my exhaustive studying on the subject of nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle, and even weight loss resistance. You are the sole trusted expert who listened to me, actually heard the essence of what I was saying, and offered me a simple, succinct yet profound and targeted answer that I could easily and quickly implement. I love that you are so knowledgeable and not biased. So many nutrition experts believe there is no only right way, and all other approaches are wrong. You gave me a holistic, rather than a reductionist, overview which makes sense to me.” — Phyllis Z.

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