Kathleen Ronald
Los Angeles, CA
BRA Member Since 2023


They call me the Minimalist Entrepreneur! Less is More! As I minimalist, I support women in deconstructing and restructuring their business models so they don't have a model that makes them sick, burned out, or overwhelmed. I support them in creating a sustainable model so they can thrive and work on their business and not in their business. People are my medicine, and I love being in Edutainment! As a professional speaker, trainer, and business growth architect.


“Kathleen Ronald is a rare gem. She is fun, powerful, dynamic, full of laughs and very insightful. She will empower you in any area that you are committed to in life. Kathleen is an excellent coach, workshop leader and keynote speaker. You get the best of the best when you work with Kathleen.” — Cathy Morrey, Conflict Coach & Employee Mentoring Program Consultant “Kathleen Ronald is the best speaker I have ever heard in my 20 years in the convention business. It was the most talked about session.” — Jane Dahlroth, CEM, Meetings, Convention and Exhibits Manager “Kathleen’s approach to the topic provided our members with simple, common sense guidelines to developing strong business relationships. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for business groups.” — Scott Ashton, Director of Sales & Marketing, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce “Kathleen is a special person and speaker. She energized the room and gave us all terrific strategies we could use in net-connecting. She was one of the best trainers we’ve ever had.” — Elaine Hollifield, Programs Director, NAWBO-VC “Take a class with Kathleen! She shares real life examples of how to move forward in your life and in your business… a double bonus. She imparts her “pearls of wisdom” with great humor and compassion. Kathleen will show you how to get out of your own way and get on with it. A memorable experience! ” —Valerie Butler, Ajilon Consulting “Are you feeling ‘stuck’, overwhelmed or unsure of how to learn to ‘think different’? I’ve been coached by Kathleen Ronald for the past year, and I have to tell you, it’s turned my life around and my business around. My business has grown by more than 40 percent since then (without doing ‘sales’) and my life perspective has been transformed. Talk about personal growth! Kathleen will light a match to your rocket ship for you! The changes are too many to mention here (we could start with self-esteem, honoring yourself, manifesting positive outcomes and rediscovering your spiritual nature). I’ll just say that if you want to manifest amazingly positive changes in your life from the inside out, get organized and focused, achieve your goals with grace and ease, grow your business effortlessly, increase your energy and start rocking your world, contact Queen Kathleen. She’s phenomenal on all levels!” — Sharon Root, President & Owner, Computer Magic Training

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