Jennifer "JJ" Jank
Desert Diva LLC
Long Beach, CA
BRA Member Since 2023


Jennifer "JJ" Jank





JJ is a productivity consultant helping business owners make more profit in less time and with better systems. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs, especially women, reclaim their time, energy, and attention away from busy-ness and towards joy… without sacrificing profits.


Brain Power Up!

Better business through harnessing your brain power! Jennifer “JJ” Jank is your host of Brain Power Up!, a show that helps women be more effective at work so they can reclaim their time and spend it with friends, family, and hobbies. What’s good for your brain is good for productivity! You’ll get tips about working WITH your brain to boost productivity that you can start using immediately. You don’t have to work longer (or harder), but you can find out how to work smarter. Join us for real talk from thought leaders and executives who achieve their goals without putting in more hours at their desks.


“JJ has been extremely helpful by providing an in depth and thorough review of my company which allowed us to become a more organized and productive business overall!” — Melanie P. “Jennifer has been amazing to work with! … Thank you for delivering awesome work …! Highly highly recommend!” — Christina S. “This is now the second time I have worked with Jennifer and all of her work has been exemplary.” — Brandon L

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