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“Empowered Educator provides professional development for teachers and schools leaders that focus on the social and emotional well-being of the adults in schools. Leveraging concepts of mindset, emotional intelligence and cognitive neuroscience, Empowered Educator gives educators the tools and sustainable strategies to show up as their best-selves for the students and communities they serve.”


Take Notes with Jen Rafferty

Welcome to the Take Notes Podcast! I’m Jen Rafferty, former music teacher, mom of 2, and certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. I know you want to feel relaxed, abundant, and have time for yourself and the things you actually LOVE to do. And, I’m here to light the way for you. It’s time to unlearn the toxic culture of selflessness in education, and relearn that the most generous thing you can do for other people is take care of yourself! In this podcast you’ll hear conversations that will help you reconnect to your purpose, create new boundaries, and how to truly create a generational change for our kids by shifting the paradigm away from the perpetual stress and overwhelm and into a life of joy and fulfillment. We’ll be covering topics like creating a juicy vision, emotional intelligence, financial and physical health, conflict management, how to shift your identity, and how to advocate for what you need. This is education 2.0, where you become a priority, shift how you live your life, and how you show up both at work and at home. So, take a sip of steamy morning coffee, and grab your notebook- it’s time to take notes! Stay empowered, Jen. Let’s keep the conversation going!


“As a veteran teacher I had been giving in to negativity and cynicism. This class woke me up to the choices I can make to enjoy being a teacher and a human - despite the struggles. It pushed me to think about how I think and to focus on what is important - in the classroom and in life. Full of insights and renewal.” - Sarah P., New York “In the challenging times that educators are finding themselves in, Jen's workshops have provided teachers an opportunity to re-center themselves. Jen's eight tenets focus on the whole educator striking a balance between the personal and professional needs of educators. Her Empowered Educator series has been a lifeline to teachers and has been one of our most well attended professional development opportunities. Our teachers look forward to each new class!" ~Josh G.,Union-Endicott Teacher Center

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