Jackie Tapia
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Los Angeles, CA
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Unlock the power within with 'The Amiga Way' – where luxury is an inside job. We empower AMIGAs to rewrite their stories, banish scarcity, and embrace holistic wealth and wellness. As a bestselling author, we're here to guide you on this transformative journey. Let 'The Amiga Way' help you handle your life's challenges and rewrite your narrative.


Amiga, Handle Your Shit

A Podcast that inspires, motivates, empowers, helps breakdown cultural limitations, while shamelessly and fiercely helping YOU stand in YOUR true power, as an unapologetic Latina! You will learn from authentic spiritual luminaries and elite performance experts who teach success strategies that impact the world, one Latina at a time.


"Thank you very much for writing your book, The Amiga Way. I am 58 years old and in the process of reinventing myself, once again. Your book possesses powerful tools that I am very excited to integrate into my life! Brightest blessings to you!" - JEANNINE H

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