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Gail Conrad

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Gail Conrad, founder of the WILDSCAPE INNOVATION LAB, bridges her work in the arts, new technologies, and immersive experiences with her lifelong exploration of consciousness and invention. A certified Holistic Innovation Coach, Speaker, Educator, and Podcast Storyteller, Gail Conrad partners with individuals and organizations, helping them to harness their stupendous inner resources: their intuition, energy, and courage to take their boldest steps. Gail offers workshops, lectures, and energy labs, and dedicates her podcast, Wildscape Podcast with Gail Conrad, to the creative explorer in us all, often challenging her listeners: What’s at stake? And what’s at risk? What act of courage will it take?


Wildscape Podcast with Gail Conrad

Welcome to my chronicle of adventures, all tales of stepping into the unknown to create more art, beauty, and magic. I'm your storyteller, Gail Conrad, and this podcast is dedicated to the explorer in us all. Gail Conrad, founder of the Wildscape Innovation Lab, is a Holistic Innovation Coach, Speaker, Educator, and Explorer of Consciousness and Invention.


"Gail is a superb listener and asks questions that spark those welcome 'Aha!' moments. Her wealth of experience provides depth to her understanding of the sorts of issues I have been struggling to address. I find her creativity, patience and penetrating insights all work to produce great results, for which I am deeply grateful. Highly recommend!" - Wendy J. “Working with Gail was great. Now I feel that I make wiser decisions but also take more chances. My biggest breakthrough: I don’t let the backlash crush me. I see that waiting was the ultimate mistake.” - Ben W. "Gail Conrad is my go-to person when I’m looking to shift my thinking and maximize my creative output. She is an intelligent listener, intuitive about things I might not have yet identified, and has a treasure trove of resources to draw upon in bringing me to my answers. I am so grateful for her." - Terry W. “Gail helped me push beyond my perceived limitations. Finally I’m driving the adventure with my group and we’re moving in the same direction. This stuff works.” - Lucinda G.

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