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SHE ANGEL INVESTORS Is a multi media platform to fund women. It encompasses the SHE ANGELS Pitch fest and Original SERIES, the INVEST IN HER Podcast and The SHE ANGELS FOUNDATION. We provide resources and funding for female entrepreneurs for both profit and non profit. On our website is a free download “6 Ways to Fund Your Business”.


Invest in Her

Interviews with amazing women founders and funders. A show filled with resources to learn about Angel investing, venture capital and funding.


"Catherine Gray is one of the most creative, inspiring, and kind women I've ever met. She is a magnet for good karma, bringing out the best in others, attracting good things and good people wherever she goes. I know that 360Karma will be a huge success and will encourage all women to persevere and realize their dreams. I can't wait to read her new book, "Live Love Thrive!” — Sharon Younkin, Ph.D. “Catherine Gray is a magical magnet for connecting people and making things happen. Her core energy emits brightly at a high vibration attracting beautiful inside and out like minded people. Excited for this endeavor and to read the book and watch the web series.” — Valerie Madden, Creative Director of Entertainment Marketing and Advertising at Amazon Studios "Catherine Gray is a huge advocate for women in our community. She works tirelessly to help them create success in their lives and to grow personally and professionally. Her ability to put others' needs ahead of her own is well-known among many. Catherine lives, loves and thrives, sharing her positive, empowering approach with all whom she encounters. Her book, web series and workshops are perfect vehicles to broaden this new paradigm as she touches lives around the world.” — Maria Shtabskaya, Rated 2015 and 2016 Top Wealth Manager in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine

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