Bernadette Marciniak
Bernadette Marciniak Videography + Photography
Los Angeles, CA
BRA Member Since 2019


“Bernadette Marciniak is a brand mediagrapher who amplifyies the message and mission of small business owners and entrepreneurs through powerful videography and photography. A former photojournalist and video journalist, Bernadette's visionary talent connects with people, helps her clients feel comfortable to show up and tell their story, and translates their powerful message into visuals that will captivate and convert an audience. Bernadette is a former New Jersey girl turned Californian, and thinks that Garden State pizza and bagels will always be superior to anywhere outside of the tri-state area. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her partner Rob, and their two cats, Jett and Grayson.”


Most of the entrepreneurs and thought leaders I work with dodge the spotlight. They care more about impact than being visible, and realize that the fear of visibility gets in the way of making an even bigger difference in the world. Me too, until I worked with Bernadette. Getting to work with Bernadette on my personal brand photos turned around a lifelong fear I had of being visible in front of the camera. While I love helping visionaries own their brilliance and claim their place in the spotlight, I prefer making magic behind the scenes. Bernadette is a visual storyteller through and through. She understood my brand ethos, my obsession with authenticity, and made it fun to put the camera on myself and fully express all I am in my business. Anyone who gets to collaborate with Bernadette on brand photos is very lucky. Stephanie Zhong | Own Your Own Message Co. The thoroughness. The depth. The creativity. From the time she took to understood my brand, to scouting unique locations I didn’t even know were in my backyard, I had never experienced something like that before in a photo shoot. Bernadette helped me see things I never saw before in my business. Amy Young | Redefine Possibility Coaching Bernadette cares. She cares about the person, the story, the energy during the shoot. She goes above and beyond to work with her clients on a deeper level. The photos I got captured my essence and saw me in ways that I didn’t see myself. Throughout the process, my creativity and eagerness to market was reinvigorated. She creates a safe, comfortable space to make discoveries about yourself and provides a full experience of coming to see yourself in new ways. Mandy Sciacchitano It's crucial you hire someone who truly can capture you and your brand and not just take a "pretty picture." This is what Bernadette does. She invests in more than great photos but also capturing your entire story and the best way to tell it. Carrie Murray | Founder, BRA Network

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