How to Actualize Everything You Say You Want with Tracy Litt

Tracy Litt is a spiritual advisor and mindset coach to visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and international best-selling author of the book, Worthy Human. Tracy has become known as the How Behind the Hype as a teacher and speaker and helps women elevate themselves in all aspects of life, one choice at a time.

Tracy’s breaking point came when she found herself crying on the garage floor as a single mother, unemployed, with no college degree, and an 8-month old daughter. She told herself she could recognize the flaws that got her there in the first place or she could close her eyes and keep crying in victimhood. 

That was the first time Tracy had a feeling in her gut that communicated to her. She decided she could either start making choices that would blow up her life in the best way possible for her daughter or she could keep creating what she’d created that got her where she was in the first place. 

That was her big wake up call. 

Tracy decided to do things differently and climbed the corporate ladder for the next 12 years, becoming the Vice President of Human Resources for a global healthcare company. When she got there, Tracy thought, “I’ve done all the things now…why is my soul dying?”

She was making a lot of money, she was working from home. Everything was great, externally. But she was miserable. There was a gnawing. Now Tracy recognizes that voice in her gut as her higher self. She learned and now teaches clients that there is a version of yourself that already exists in your potential and moving forward, towards what you want, is about listening to that version of yourself. 

Tracy knew she wanted to touch people’s lives in a more impactful way than she’d be able to at her corporate job, but didn’t know how to achieve that. She did nothing for two years, paralyzed by fear.

Then she became an expert on fear, manifested a layoff from her corporate job, and never looked back.

The layoff pushed her over the edge to found The Litt Factor in 2016 and it’s grown like wildfire ever since. 

Tracy loves working with women, especially, because she thinks that working with populations that have been oppressed is extremely important work, but also because she feels that once a woman gets a fire lit under her, the world should watch out. Women are unstoppable. 

When that certain something clicks for a woman, it’s because she’s spent her life doing what she “should” do and behaving in a way that she was taught she needed to and she figures that maybe she’ll be happy once she finds the right partner, or gets the promotion, or has children, or whatever the case. But the problem with that way of thinking is that her happiness becomes dependent on external factors – and that’s no way to live. 

We stop ourselves from making ourselves a priority because of worth issues and a misunderstanding of fear and how we’re biologically wired. Your worth is non-negotiable. You were born worthy, whole, and totally enough. 

We have to stop playing the “I’m not enough game”.

When we stop playing that game, we open up to fear and understanding it. Tracy professes to deeply love fear and she teaches others to fall in love with fear, because it does its job. 

We get in our own way because the things we want are different from who we are right now, what we’ve experienced so far, and what we know. They’re unfamiliar.

When something is unfamiliar, it triggers fear, which triggers doubt and disempowering thinking and all kinds of resistance. 

When this happens, your mind wins and your dreams lose. Once we understand that if our minds win, our dreams lose and if our dreams win, our minds lose, we can be better humans and connect more deeply to our spirituality. 

The idea of having a “hustle” is highly detrimental and irresponsible because our society does not need to learn how to do more – just the opposite.

The energy of the “hustle” is constantness and pressure and chase and need and that puts you in an energy deficit.

If you’re chasing something it means you acknowledge that you don’t have it and if you’re acknowledging that you don’t have it, you’re energetically pushing it further away from you. 

But to gear away from the “hustle” doesn’t mean that you don’t work. You still work, you’re just flowy, relaxed, and enjoying it. You notice when your body is getting tight and you step away. You work from a place of knowing you’re whole and that everything is gravy; you want to make an impact in the world and be of use as a vessel, but you don’t need any of this. 

Tracy’s typical client feels stress and pressure to continue running at the rate they’re going, but they know that it’s not sustainable.

They’re exhausted, have no energy left, and haven’t prioritized themselves. 

If this sounds like you, Tracy can help. Check out her one-on-one Mind Magic program! Clients have the greatest amount of access to her this way, it’s on-demand Tracy for one year, and she only takes on a handful of clients at a time.

Mind Magic is foundational – you learn how to do this process and then you have the tools to use and you work on leveling up over and over and over again. We have a zero percent failure rate. 

The key to start living in your potential is to fall in love with fear, stop disempowering thought patterns, realize your self-worth and that you don’t “need” any of the things you’re chasing, and operate from the idea that you can have what it is that you want.

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