Thursday, March 14th
Time & Location TBD

Save the Date for #BRAnetwork’s 3rd annual Women on the Rise luncheon, a celebration of BRA members who are kicking butt with their businesses.

BRA spends all year supporting women, but this one special day is reserved for the big party. (Not like I need an excuse to throw a party.)

Every March, in honor of Women’s History Month, BRA selects three women who are either trailblazers and have paved the way for other women, or who are up-and-comers successfully following in their footsteps.

The 2019 award categories include: Visionary Woman of the Year, Empowerment Leader Award, and Woman on the Rise. These are the three pillars of BRA, and each honoree must have clearly put these concepts into action. 

(See the 2018 Women on the Rise recap here!)


Visionary Woman of the Year Award*
This award recognizes a businesswoman who, through her entrepreneurial success, has woven social impact strategy for the betterment of a marginalized population. (

Empowerment Leader Award
This award recognizes a woman who is a positive leader among her entrepreneurial peers. She embodies and implements BRA’s mission of fostering collaboration over competition.

Woman on the Rise Award*
This award honors a BRA member on the cusp of taking her business to a higher level because of the opportunities provided to her by being a part of BRA. To qualify for this award, a nominee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Founding BRA member. 

  2. Make the most of connections within the BRA network, by either working for, with or hired by other BRA members.

  3. Inspire others with her energy, support and optimistic vision as she embarks on building her own successful business model.

*Visionary Woman of the Year and Woman on the Rise recipients nominated by BRA’s founding committee.


Complete the Empowerment Leader Award ballot below and submit your vote!


As part of BRA’s commitment to women’s empowerment, we’ve partnered with Dress for Success Worldwide - West again in support of their efforts to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty. This worthy organization will receive all the proceeds from the 2019 Women on the Rise event.

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