Pediatric Sleep Coach, Rest Well Baby

Los Angeles, CA






Tracie Kesatie is passionate about helping tired families get the sleep they need. As a mom who had a baby that had sleep challenges, Tracie understands what it feels like to be sleep deprived and she knows the benefits of learning healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime! She works closely with each family to formulate an individualized, flexible sleep plan all while taking into consideration the family’s sleep issue, needs and values. Tracie is available to work with clients all over the United States.  She specializes in working with families with children 18 weeks – 6 years of age, as well as with siblings and multiples.  Tracie is available for workshops and speaking engagements throughout the Los Angeles area.  


"I got my life back!  I was skeptical because my 9 month old did not want to sleep. I now have the peace of mind knowing she is getting the sleep that she needs and I am no longer anxious about how often she will wake up during the night.  Tracie was amazing to work with and sleep training was the best decision we made - I now have a baby that sleeps from 7pm to 7am!"

-Sylvia F.


"Tracie is a God-send! My husband and I were about to crack from sleep deprivation. Our 16 month old daughter had sleep issues since birth. We tried SO many things to get her to sleep more, and nothing worked. A friend of mine referred Tracie to me, and I couldn't be more thankful! She is the sweetest person and completely knowledgeable. She worked with us to set a tailored sleep coaching plan. I really liked the “gentle” approach and my daughter responded well to it. It’s A LOT more supportive than the cry-it-out method, while still giving her the tools to self-soothe. Before sleep coaching, my daughter needed to be rocked to sleep every night, split the night between crib and co-sleeping, and had several wakings - usually including a 2-4 hour block of awake time in the middle of the night. Now, she’s sleeping 11-12 hours a night, is 100% in her crib, and can soothe herself to sleep. I can’t say enough amazing things about Tracie and this sleep coaching approach!"

-Nikki S.