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Overview: This is a set of courses designed to meet the specific needs of female business owners at any stage of their careers. CourseSets are small, intimate gatherings of like-minded professional women working as a cohort towards improving their current or future businesses. Launched by BRA founder, Carrie Murray, and facilitated by different BRA Members (YOU) who are trusted experts in your specific fields, CourseSets guarantee to provide brand clarity, business growth, and networking opportunities for all attendees.

ALSO, as a facilitator, CourseSets put YOU in front of up to 20 potential new clients. Attendees will leave every week with a more focused “to-do” list with an attainable action plan that is results-orientated. Even more importantly, these women will have gained YOU as a resource in a field where they lack proficiency. 

Purpose: To educate and advance women entrepreneurs while building professional relationships using the cohort model, which is based on a smaller group setting that is student-centered. It's more of a open dialogue between teachers and students as opposed to a one-way lecture of information. The strongest benefit of this format is it fosters a trusted network that extends beyond the classroom. Women, by nature, thrive in smaller, noncompetitive groups where a focused collaboration is supported and encouraged. CourseSets will significantly boost students’ career development and professional advancement.

Expectations:  Design a two-hour workshop – NOT you talking for two hours…blah, boring! As the facilitator, you are the expert; you have the magic potion, the special sauce, to help educate other women entrepreneurs to grow or even start their business. Share the tools and knowledge they need to grow and succeed.

Materials: Your workshop should include companion materials for students to complete. Include topical tasks, activities and exercises with real-world examples for real-world results. (I will make a CourseSet Workbook for each student that contains everything you create so you do not need to make any copies.)

Compensation: I recognize that your time is valuable, and CourseSets is designed to be mutually beneficial for both facilitators and participants. In addition to the exposure you'll receive, you will also earn a fee. 

Timeline: Currently accepting applications for new workshops! Please share yours below to be considered as a CourseSet facilitator for our next session.

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