Paz Holding dba A+ Insurance Service

Valley Village, CA






"A+ Insurance Service - Experts on Health, Travel, Life, Disability, and Long Term Care ."


"I had previously used A+ Insurance Services in 2015 with great results. I again needed them this year to handle some changes. Elayne provided all the information that my wife & I needed to make the right choice. If you have any health insurance needs, A+ is the only way to go. Great people & good work - - you'll be happy !!" - Peter W.

"We have been working together for over 20 years. Medicare, individual, small & large group health insurance! Amazing service, team is incredible. Personal touch also under Covered Ca and international health benefits. Highly recommend A+ insurance. Thank u so much Naama, Elayne, Omar, Jill, Edita - we love u!!!!" - Harvey R.

"All employees are always willing to give their time and help get you to your goal of finding insurance. I always go to them first for many years now they have been by our side. Thank you!" - D.K.

"Naama has provided insurance for my company for many, many years and they've always taken such great care of us...including Elayne- they're extremely responsive and helpful in taking care both of the company and my family." - Jeffrey G. 

"For any assistance with health care coverage this is your go to team. Incredible conscious staff members who are compassionate and efficient. You will feel very supported in being able to speak to someone directly, no machines. All the while, they work hard to get the necessary tasks completed on time... a refreshing experience for this industry. Thank you Naama & Elayne!" - Renée B.

"My first experience started with a rep at Sherman Oaks Fashion Mall 3 years ago and I have been a client ever since; helpful, knowledgeable, patient and so nice all while getting me the best service with my insurance needs. Every time I called or emailed everyone was polite, professional, and provided me with results. I cant say enough about A+ and have referred to them many times, so thank you again for taking care of the necessary that's not always a fun part of life, you make it a pleasure." - Sharon M.

"Naama & Elayne have provided me with exceptional service for over a decade. They are always updating the policies and adjusting as needed. All I have is praise for both of them for being professional, kind, polite and always on time. Thank you!" - Opher S. 

"Naama and Elayne are amazing. Everyone on their team has worked very hard to make sure my insurance needs are met, even the last minute requests. I feel like they are an extension of my health team." - Natalie S.

"I am working for one of the startup company in Silicon Valley. Our employer uses A+ insurance service to help employees to enroll. 

I had interacted few times over last two years with A+. It was an outstanding experience. Thanks to Elayne and Naama. I appreciate their unwavering passion for work. I had few tricky situation due to my family travel abroad and back to the US. But A+ made it simple and took care of all communications with Insurance Service Provider. I felt a true outsourcing experience with your team and keep up the good work.

To all review readers -- trust me and you can opt for their service without a second thought!" - Ganesh K.